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Air Force Global Logistics Support Center

The Air Force Global Logistics Support Center is a total force organization networking supply chain experts at many locations to perform three primary functions. Supply Chain Planning and Execution provides enterprise-wide planning of the supply chain to include material, maintenance, and distribution planning. Supply Chain Operations is the single point of contact for logistics customers to resolve immediate warfighter and depot maintenance issues. It also performs supply chain distribution and integration functions, and is responsible for Nuclear Weapons Related Material distribution and transactional control. The AFGLSC is also the authority for Enterprise Solutions and Special Asset Management. Enterprise Solutions and Special Asset Management includes the management of SCM procedures and business rules, providing functional requirements for supply chain systems, and measuring, assessing, and taking action to improve supply chain performance through an enterprise metrics and analysis capability.

The AFGLSC achieved initial operating capability in April 2008.

The AFGLSC is comprised of two wings and one direct reporting group:

1. 448th Supply Chain Management Wing
2. 635th Supply Chain Operations Wing
3. 591st Supply Chain Management Group

448th Supply Chain Management Wing:
The 448 SCMW provides enterprise-wide planning of the supply chain to include planning for materiel, maintenance and distribution. Supply Chain Planning and Execution has three primary missions: 1) develop the plan for each reparable and consumable part in terms of inventory mass and velocity needed to meet weapon system availability targets established by the warfighter; 2) develop and assist sources for buy and repair in order to eliminate gaps between the demand plan and the supply plan; and, 3) Identify and resolve constraints that preclude the execution of the demand and supply plans. 

The wing has approximately 3,300 people, operating at three locations with a small headquarters staff at Tinker Air Force Base, Okla.
635th Supply Chain Operations Wing:
The 635 SCOW provides 24/7/365 world-wide operational spares execution for the warfighter and depot maintenance. Within the framework of the enterprise supply plan, the wing has the authority to direct materiel and distribution support to meet critical needs.

The wing has approximately 1,000 people, operating at five locations with a small headquarters staff at Scott Air Force Base, Ill.

591st Supply Chain Management Group:
The 591 SCMG delivers integrated solutions and capabilities to optimize supply chain effectiveness. It measures and analyzes SCM processes and directs continuous improvement of those processes to increase performance, reduce cost, mitigate risk and assure accountability. As part of this mission, it drives process and IT system standardization across the AFGLSC.

The group has a staff of about 200 people and operates primarily at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, with a small local headquarters staff.