Installation energy is a critical mission resource we depend on every day. Events of recent years demonstrate an upward trend in environmental, physical, and cyber threats to our nation's energy systems. In the past, we relied on emergency measures to sustain critical and important missions through a short-term prime power disruption. With the increasing risk of a widespread and prolonged disruption, we need to understand what the mission threats are and what we should do to keep installations functioning and secure.

2021 Installation Energy Assurance Campaign Plan

Energy Assurance Campaign Plan

Closing capability gaps and assuring mission readiness requires an integrated approach that bridges often independent communities. To assure connectedness, AFMC will execute improvements through five Lines of Effort:

LOE-1 Optimized Systems and Processes

LOE-2 Cyber-Resilient Control Systems

LOE-3 Mission Matched Capabilities

LOE-4 Reliable and Managed Infrastructure

LOE-5 System Performance Assurance