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engergy logo Installation energy is a critical mission resource we depend on every day. Events of recent years demonstrate an upward trend in environmental, physical, and cyber threats to our nation's energy systems. In the past, we relied on emergency measures to sustain critical and important missions through a short-term prime power disruption. With the increasing risk of a widespread and prolonged disruption, we need to understand what the mission threats are and what we should do to keep installations functioning and secure.

Installation Energy Assurance Campaign Plan

Energy Assurance Campaign Plan

 AFMC seeks to improve the operational agility of installation energy systems through four lines of effort:

1. Optimized Systems and Processes

2. Cyber Secure Control Systems

3. Independent Alternate Energy Solutions

4. Reliable and Managed Distribution 


Energy News

SAF/IE releases Installation Energy Strategic Plan for energy assurance

Direct link to Department of the Air Force Installation Energy Strategic Plan 2021

JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst Pulls the Plug

Energy Express December 2020

AFCEC program manager named Energy Manager of the Year

 Mr. Nick King recognized as a Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) FEDS Spotlight award winner for 2020!         Serving as energy manager, Nick King has provided outstanding energy leadership to execute an impressive and well-managed energy program at Hill Air Force Base. He played an integral part in completing Hill’s Installation Energy Plan, as well as providing necessary support and coordination to facilitate the Air Force’s first demonstration of a modified electric grid modeling tool called the Severe Contingency Solver, provided by the Department of Energy’s Los Alamos National Laboratory. His forward-thinking approaches, collaborative attitude, and dedication to energy resilience are helping to improve mission assurance at Hill and across the Air Force.

Air Force Office of Energy Assurance (OEA) Open Request for Information

Air Force Energy-as-a-Service Fact Sheet