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What is AFMC Connect?

The Air Force Materiel Command is focused on building and sustaining a thriving and resilient U.S.  Air Force community through the framework of Comprehensive Airmen Fitness. Our emphasis is for all AFMC military and civilian Airmen to become more mentally, physically, socially and spiritually fit.

The AFMC Connect aims to increase unit cohesion and connectedness by creating bonds as an organization, which creates an environment where teamwork can thrive. This increases commitment to the AFMC mission, the Air Force mission, and ultimately, to each other. Connectedness is a key protective factor that assists with combating the everyday risk factors people encounter throughout their lives.  AFMC Connect is designed in a manner that provides the tools and resources leaders need to effectively communicate with their personnel based on individual and localized needs.

The recent Air Force Resilience Tactical Pause reminds us that resiliency building needs to be a part of everyday culture. Success rests with individuals engaging with one another in a way that fosters continual communication and builds relationships.  When we build connections with others, we build strength in ourselves.

In accordance with the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, AFMC believes in revitalizing squadrons by giving command teams the time, tools and resources to foster a culture that builds resilient Airmen and focuses on the unit wellness. Leaders can positively influence their workforce by reinforcing the following concepts:

  1. Stressing seeking help early and removing barriers
  2. Building connections with helping agencies and bringing services to your people
  3. Highlighting stories of individuals in crisis, who sought help and recovered
  4. Discussing risk factors for those in crisis and arming your personnel with resources

AFMC Connect is an initiative to focus on building relationships. We are investing in our collective success by providing the time, tools, and resources to enhance personal and professional performance. AFMC Connect is a multi-faceted initiative integrating a shared message across the command, while giving time and autonomy back to squadrons.  Leaders at every level must have active and sustained engagement with their people.

This is not a  "one size fits all" initiative, but rather it provides a standardized message with accompanying tools and resources to better assist in successful engagement. This is a holistic approach to strengthen resilience, reinforce protective factors and reduce unwanted behaviors through deliberate and meaningful personal and professional development. Focusing on our mission, building a shared purpose, and strong connections will aid in assisting our most vital resource, our people and create the AFMC We Need!

AFMC Connect FAQs

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AFMC Connect is for the entire Air Force Materiel Command population. Whether an active-duty Airman, civilian, contractor or family member, we are all part of the AFMC community.

Leaders at every level are responsible for integrating monthly AFMC Connect discussion topics within their existing daily mission.Throughout the year every leader will incorporate AFMC Connect topics to reinforce important strengths based messages such as resilience, team-minded, respect, engaged, etc.Topics for discussions will include concepts on suicide prevention and bystander intervention.

All AFMC Airmen are responsible for attending these sessions with an open mind and willingness to become more resilient and better connected to the AFMC family.

The objective of AFMC Connect is to work towards increasing unit cohesion and connectedness by creating bonds as an organization, allowing teamwork to occur. When we build connections with others we build strength in ourselves.
Connectedness is a key protective factor that assists with combating the everyday risk factors people encounter in their lives.
Recent feedback from the “AFMC We Need” efforts and the Air Force's Resilience Tactical Pause identified a need for increased communication from leaders at all levels. Success rests with individuals engaging with one another in a way that fosters communication and builds relationships.
This is not a compliance program to “check the box” – it’s a tool helping leaders facilitate effective discussions by investing in the professional and personal development of our most valuable resource – our people.

Connect News

  • Wounded warrior uses weights to lift spirits

    Recently participated in first "virtual" powerlifting competition.
  • Wounded Warrior recalls dark days, bright recovery

    Bernard Lawson, wounded while serving as an Army chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear technical escort Soldier at Johnston Atoll, overcame major nerve damage injuries with the help from other wounded warriors, and is now AFIMSC's emergency manager.
  • H.O.P.E. campaign focuses on resilience

    In April, the Integrated Resiliency and Prevention Program Office at Robins Air Force Base started the H.O.P.E. campaign to reinforce the four pillars of Comprehensive Airmen Fitness - mental, physical, social and spiritual.
  • Commentary: Unrest in America

    To the Airmen who are mourning, angry, or weary of the battle against racial prejudice, discrimination, bias, and systemic discrimination, Chief Wright and I recognize your pain. As the Air Force's military leadership, we reflect on and acknowledge that what happens on America's streets is also resident in our Air Force.
  • AFRL's Aerospace Systems Directorate hosts virtual reconnection workshop

    WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio – Air Force Research Laboratory Aerospace Systems Directorate
  • A new normal

    “Creating a new normal.” This phrase has become increasingly popular as societies worldwide continue to take preventative measures to decrease the spread of COVID-19. Since face-to-face interactions have been significantly limited, all aspects of everyday life seem to have been altered as well. While the physical aspect is readily visible, Airmen must also monitor their less obvious Comprehensive Airman Fitness pillar of mental wellness.
  • Virtual Zumba: Fitness instructor gives new meaning to ‘SELFish’

    Staying physically active is extremely important and challenging, especially in times of social distancing caused by the coronavirus pandemic. One Zumba instructor at the Robins Air Force Base Fitness Center took her class virtual.
  • April brings sexual assault awareness to forefront

    Nearly one in five women and one in 71 men in the U.S. have been raped at some point in their life,
  • Officials urge personnel to watch for domestic abuse triggers

    Base officials urge personnel to be aware of the possible warning signs of domestic abuse during physical distancing and stay-at-home orders. Feelings of isolation can be amplified during physical distancing, and resources will continue to be available for those seeking assistance.
  • Sexual Assault Awareness, Prevention Month observance continues virtually

    April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. The month-long observance raises sexual assault awareness and educates community members on how to prevent it. Officials from the Sexual Assault Prevention office are committed to continuing the annual monthly observance through virtual activities and challenges.

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