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AFMC auditor flaunts “We Can Do It” attitude

  • Published
  • By Estella Holmes, Air Force Materiel Command Public Affairs

Program management analysts and auditors encounter situations that demand someone committed to getting to the root cause of problems.

For Tammy Jetton, program management analyst, Logistics, Civil Engineering, Force Protection and Nuclear Directorate, Headquarters, Air Force Materiel Command, making a difference was always at the forefront of her time of service.

“I have always wanted to leave things better than they were,” said Jetton.

Jetton observed gender bias challenges and looked for solutions to them throughout her more than 29 years of work among mostly male peers in the audits and inspections career field.

Jetton noticed the contributions women in the Air Force made in the past and the delayed job progression of skilled women colleagues throughout her career. Noticing these struggles, she is motivated to work harder and do more, just as so many who are celebrated during Women’s History Month.

Jetton serves as a Department of Defense civilian, inspired by generations of familial military service dating back to the Revolutionary War.

She began her career in 1992 at Tinker Air Force Base.

“Starting then, I learned a lot about military platforms, different missions and the audit business from various perspectives and by working in foreign countries,” said Jetton. “It was exciting to see our Air Force in action and to compare our bases to those in foreign countries. We are the best Air Force in the world. I am proud to serve our country.”

Jetton worked on two different audits in Germany, which resulted in over $1 billion of savings to the Air Force related to the Reliability Centered Maintenance Program. The search for the optimal change point equation for C-5 aircraft parts, which would maximize Air Force dollars and ensure personnel safety and aircraft survivability, had existed for five years.

A team working with Jetton developed the change point equation, and Jetton presented it at the Conference on Aging Aircraft in 2006.

She admits to having the famous words, “We can do It,” of her hero, Rosie the Riveter, in her mind as she briefed projects to all-male participants who asked challenging questions to see if she had the credibility that could be relied upon.

“I would not change the challenge for anything in the world, as these were the most rewarding moments of my career,” said Jetton.

Jetton mentioned another highlight of her career which came when she attended leadership training given by Gen. Hebert Norman Schwarzkopf and witnessed the strength of a great leader.

The experience inspired her to strive towards strong leadership and to mentor others across the audits career field.

Jetton’s career focus was in maintenance, supply, contracting and other areas. She used her auditing skills at headquarters Air Force, many installations within AFMC, and at locations outside of the U.S.

Recently, she was her organization’s nominee for the Brigadier General Wilma Vaught Visionary Leader Award.

“This nomination means so much to me as it honors the first woman brigadier general to be raised to this rank from the comptroller field.” said Jetton.

Throughout Jetton’s career, experiences often became challenges, which developed into victories for her as a woman and the entire audit career field.

“As a woman of AFMC I have contributed by helping to improve the areas related to audits by willingly sharing my skills to ensure current audits are properly developed and recommendations get to the root cause of the problems,” said Jetton.

Editor’s Note: This story is part of a series of stories in honor of Women’s History Month that highlight extraordinary women from across Air Force Materiel Command who are making history today.