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Video by Billy Blankenship, Robert Dantzler
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Air University Public Affairs
Jan. 12, 2021 | 1:18
Maj. Alex Barnett, former Air University instructor and current student in the Air Command and Staff College experience, talks about his time teaching in the Squadron Officer School realm and how that shaped him as the incoming commander of the 436th Maintenance Squadron commander at Dover Air Force Base.

To learn more about Developmental Special Duty Assignments visit the Developmental Special Experiences catalog on MyVECTOR. The DSE Catalog is a consolidated list of available opportunities for Department of the Air Force officers, enlisted and civilians that enables members to grow professionally. The catalog is maintained by the Force Development Credentialing Division within Air Education and Training Command. Developmental Special Experiences are learning activities outside the scope of formal training that have been validated as a potential means to obtain specific foundational, occupational, or joint competencies.
Department of the Air Force personnel can access the DSE Catalog through MyVECTOR at https://myvector.us.af.mil/myvector/DevelopmentPlan/Home, or once logged in, select “Development Plan” on the left-hand side menu option and then click on “DSE Catalog” tab. To apply for a DSE, contact the listed point of contact for the specific DSE and follow the application process.

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