Airman files 1 millionth voucher in Defense Travel System

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio (AFMCNS) -- Wayne Ulman, an engineer at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio and a frequent business traveler, recently filed the 1 millionth voucher in the Department of Defense's new Defense Travel System.

Wright-Patterson was among the first installations to receive DTS after the system was approved for worldwide deployment in December 2003. Mr. Ulman, who travels on average about twice a month, said he has been using DTS for over a year.

"The first time or two I used the system, it took some getting used to," Mr. Ulman said. "But once you become familiar with the system, it is a real step ahead."

Mr. Ulman uses the split disbursement feature of DTS to pay his government charge card expenses directly and has the remainder sent to his personal account.

"From the time I send the voucher through my chain of command until the deposit is made to my account takes about a week," he said.

When asked what feature he liked best about DTS, Mr. Ulman said he "likes being able to look at all the flights available and pick the one that best fits his travel schedule." He also said he liked the ease with which he can make hotel and rental car reservations.

Mr. Ulman received a DTS commemorative coin Dec. 8, presented by Col. Trent H. Edwards, 88th Comptroller Squadron commander, along with a letter of appreciation from Col. Brandy Johnson, the program manager, to commemorate this milestone for the program.

The use of DTS is now required at all service and agency locations to which it has been deployed. DTS is currently fielded to more than 5,600 locations worldwide and will be deployed to more than 11,000 locations throughout DOD by the end of 2006. When fully deployed, DTS will support all 3.2 million military and government civilian employees across the Services, agencies and combatant commands.

DTS is an electronic, end-to-end travel and financial management system that is transforming DOD's current manual and semi-automated travel processes into a single, streamlined, paperless system, program officials said. DTS reduces travel-processing steps; supports mission requirements; meets traveler, commander and process owner needs; reduces cost; and provides superior customer service.

For more information, travelers can access the DTS Web site at