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Mentorship Program

2024 diverse mentor graphicThe Air Force Materiel Command has a comprehensive mentoring program that extends across the mission. Mentoring is a tool that individuals can voluntarily use to nurture personal and professional growth while enhancing their careers. Mentoring relationships can be formed through formal matching programs or develop naturally through relationships between leaders, coworkers and peers. The role of the mentee is to observe, question, and explore new opportunities. Mentors demonstrate, explain and model. 

What is mentoring? 

Mentorship describes a type of professional relationship in which a mentor guides another individual in their quest to develop both personally and professionally. This relationship helps achieve mission success and motivates Airmen to achieve their goals.

How does mentoring impact mission readiness?

  • Improves morale and unit cohesion
  • Engages and retains Airmen with the right competencies to fulfill the mission
  • Promotes a climate of inclusion that fosters and develops diverse strengths, perspectives, and capabilities
  • Enhances professional and individual development for both the mentor and the mentee

Do I need a mentor or a coach? What's the difference?

A coach helps individuals and groups reach their full potential by providing guidance on their goals. A mentor shares their knowledge, skills and experience to help others grow and develop.
View the  Mentor vs. Coach Graphic to learn more about the difference between a mentor and a coach.



Mentoring Information

What is a mentor?  A mentor is an advisor and guide who shares knowledge, experiences, and advice in helping individuals to achieve their career goals. 

How do I become an effective mentor?

  • Understand the time requirement of mentorship; make yourself available for your mentee and ensure that your mentoring is ongoing
  • Focus on the needs of the individual; balance listening and sharing
  • Serve as an advisor, providing specific information or insight for a given situation based on experience and knowledge
  • Help the individual formulate short-term and long-term goals
  • Do your best to eliminate your own personal agenda and biases; keep an open mind
  • Provide constructive feedback
  • Connect your mentee with other individuals who can help
  • Recommend self-development tools or professional development events


For more information, review the AFMC Mentor Handbook


What is a mentee? A mentee is someone who seeks mentorship because they desire to be actively involved in their personal education and development. mentor mentee image

What is required of the individual?

  • Manage the mentoring relationship by scheduling the sessions, creating an agenda, and executing developmental activities suggested by mentors
  • Demonstrate commitment and ability to communicate needs and concerns
  • Work with mentors to develop a career roadmap by identifying and clarifying current and future goals
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the mission, goals, and structure of AFMC and the Air Force
  • Accept responsibility for learning and developmental needs
  • Leverage opportunities for career development
  • Be receptive to feedback


How can I make the most of my mentoring experience?

  • Create a mentoring plan that clearly identifies your educational and  professional goals
  • Create an appropriate environment that allows for professional development, appropriate mentoring discussions, and regular meetings as schedules permit
  • Work with mentors in creating personal plans that are challenging but within your capabilities
  • Request assistance when needed
  • Be fully engaged and an active listener
  • Possess a learning attitude; be open to feedback and willing to accept new challenges


For more information, review the AFMC Mentee Handbook

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The Department of the Air Force values mentorship as an enterprise imperative and is committed to increasing deliberate mentoring for Total Force Airmen and Guardians. Our efforts focus on helping every Airman, Guardian and Civilian to find that unique mentoring relationship that will help them achieve personal growth. Mentorship is a critical strategy in developing the workforce we need to become more diverse, agile and inclusive personally and professionally. 

During each Special Observance Month in 2024, AFMC Major Command Barrier Analysis Working Group (MAJBAWG) Champions will host a one-hour live mentoring panel to highlight barriers faced by members of each demographic/MAJBAWG Group. Panels will help to educate Airmen on barriers faced by members of the demographic in mentoring relationships and how others can become better mentors to those unlike themselves. Mentoring panels will target education and awareness, and will include the MAJBAWG demographic groups. All panels will be open to everyone. Some of the topics to be highlighted include: how to choose a mentor; inspirational stories; key mentoring tips, making the most out of a mentoring relationship; and formal and informal mentoring. 

This effort is driven by our Airmen. AFMC is focused on making the command a better place to work at for all employees. The panels will allow our Airmen with a particular commonality (religion, ethnicity, shared interest, gender, etc.) to share a space to support each other and spread awareness, while attendees will have the opportunity to learn cross-cultural perspectives.  

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Mentoring Archive

To view the full archive of Air Force Materiel Command Mentoring products, visit our feature page on DVIDS at:


To provide feedback, request more information, or suggest a topic for the next AFMC Mentoring Event, send an email to the AFMC Mentoring Team.