Acquisition Instructor Course

"Accelerate the Kill Chain"

Mission: Train highly skilled acquisition instructors and leaders in tactical and strategic knowledge to meet the operational needs of tomorrow’s multi‐domain battlespace 

Vision:   Enhance integration between acquisition, industry, and operational communities through instruction, collaboration, and innovation to accelerate the kill chain 


The Acquisition Instructor Course (AQIC) was established under the U.S. Air Force Vice Chief of Staff’s direction to integrate acquisitions into the Air Force Weapons School. AQIC resides under AFMC with the purpose to cultivate military and civilian instructors within the acquisition force who are skilled in tactical acquisition, instructorship, and operational integration.

AQIC is intentionally designed to mirror the training methodology, organization, and rigor of the United States Air Force Weapons School  curriculum. The purpose of AQIC is to develop acquisition officers as expert instructors and integrators who are deliberately and strategically placed throughout the acquisition enterprise to tackle the Department of the Air Force’s  toughest problems.

Program Progression

AQIC consist of two training blocks.

Block One provides a level set of understanding across acquisition and operational functional domains. 

Block Two consists of six phases designed to:

  • develop tradecraft via tactics, techniques, & procedures (TTPs) for each functional area through academics and exercises
  • partner with organizations across the acquisition community to learn unique or tailored practices
  • study and document emerging TTPs specific to core functional areas to cement and enhance specific learning objectives.  

Program Eligibility

AQIC is open to all 6X officers and civilian equivalents. All applicants will be chosen by a competitive selection board. Up to 10 students will be chosen for each class, which will be conducted at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base with various TDYs through the course duration.

Grade and Time-in-service targets:

  • 61X, 62E, 63A: O-3/O-4 with between 7 to 11 years TAFCS at Course Start Date 
  • 64P & 65F/W: O-3 with between 5 to 9 years TAFCS at Course Start Date
  • 13XX, 08XX, 1101: GS-12/13/NH-03/DR-3 (non-supervisory), with between 5 to 11 years of acquisition coded experience at Course Start Date
  • 1102, 0501,1515: GS-12/13/NH-03 (non-supervisory) with between 5 to 9 years of acquisition coded experience at Course State Date

Highly qualified applicants will have:

  • Consistent record of excellence
  • Tactical acquisition expertise
  • Demonstrated mentorship
  • Ops experience


 AQIC graduate patch

Program Info

Application Instructions and additional information is available on MilSuite. (CAC required). Application deadlines for the next cohort will be announced soon.

Program Overview

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Graduate Attributes

Core Competencies

♦ Problem Solving
♦ Critical Thinking
♦ Develops Others
♦ Communication
♦ Accountability
♦ Flexibility
♦ Relationship Management
♦ Business/Political Acumen
♦ Operational Acumen
♦ Cross‐functional Savvy
♦ Technological Savvy