Airmen and civilians from across the Air Force Materiel Command enterprise are invited to submit innovative ideas and solutions through the U.S Air Force Ideation Platform, or Ideascale, now through September 2020.
Patricia Young, Air Force Materiel Command Executive Director, provides guidance about the Civilian Developmental Education program. The CDE ensures civilian Airmen can grow professionally and continue to operate successfully in a constantly changing environment. Applications for the 2021 education cycle are open through March 13. (U.S. Air Force video by Christopher Decker and Matthew Clouse)
Airmen participate in a group physical training session at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. The Air Force Materiel Command will offer diagnostic fitness assessments to Airmen starting Jan. 20. The assessments aim to provide Airmen with an idea of their current fitness level and where they may need to improve prior to their test due date. This is part of an overall effort to continue to encourage a culture of fitness that includes year-round physical conditioning and healthy eating habits. (Air Force Photo by Samuel King, Jr.)
The Honorable John W. Henderson, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations, Environment and Energy, and Gen. Arnold W. Bunch Jr., Air Force Materiel Command commander, visited Barksdale to conduct a privatized housing tour.
The Air Force Materiel Command powers the world’s greatest Air Force by developing, delivering, supporting, and sustaining war-winning capabilities.
The Air Force Materiel Command wraps up 2019 with a review of the command successes over the past year. From the launch of new technologies to the acceleration of acquisition processes and more, every Air Force mission is made possible by the efforts of AFMC Airmen.
The Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center announced finalists for the 2020 AFIMSC Innovation Rodeo on Jan. 9.
Maj. Gen. Carl Schaefer, Deputy Commander of Air Force Materiel Command, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, shares his perspectives on the importance of communication to create meaningful change. For more information, visit (U.S. Air Force Video by Matthew Clouse and Christopher Decker)
The Air Force Materiel Command has built the United States Air Force of today, and we are changing the nature of warfare for tomorrow. Beans to bullets...roads to commodes...razors to lasers....we are a command of innovators, and we have been turning imagination into reality for years. If you need it, we'll get it to you. If it doesn't exist, we'll make it and then get it to you. Impossible demands get top priority. We do our wartime mission everyday.
From supersonic flight to GPS and space food, big developments come out of the Air Force Research Laboratory. The “Lab Life” podcast provides listeners insight into the fascinating work and lives of the people who lead the discovery, development and delivery of warfighting technologies for our air, space and cyberspace forces-- innovative technology for the future, today.
“The Contracting Experience” is an Air Force Materiel Command podcast for the contracting workforce that provides insight into evolving issues, high-performance leadership and lessons from the field through conversations with acquisition influencers and Contracting leaders. It is available on demand in multiple listening platforms.
The Air Force Materiel Command is excited to announce the launch of the AFMC command mobile application in USAF Connect. This AFMC app augments traditional command communication tools by consolidating multiple resources in a single location, easing access to information and news from all channels.

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