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Diversity & Inclusion

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The challenges we face today are far too serious, and the implications of failure far too great, for our Air Force to do less than fully and inclusively leverage our nation’s greatest strength—our remarkably diverse people. 

Across the force, and most especially, across the Air Force Materiel Command, diversity of background, experience, demographics, perspectives, thought and organization are critical to our ability to execute the requirements of the National Defense Strategy. We must continue to strive towards greater diversity and inclusion across all aspects of our mission set to continue to be successful. This is an imperative for the success of our command and the Air Force to continue to fly, fight and win into the future.

For more  information on the Air Force diversity initiatives visit: www.af.mil/diversity.

In order to achieve Air Force Materiel Command Diversity, Equity and Inclusion goals, it's critical that the words are universally defined and understood across the command.
Gen. Arnold W. Bunch Jr., Air Force Materiel Command Commander, addresses the workforce on diversity and inclusion. (U.S. Air Force video by Christopher Decker)

Diversity and Inclusion News Stories

  • Air Force Women’s Initiative Team champions women’s health care

    In the past year, the WIT’s Female-Specialized Health Care Programs have driven several policy changes. In February, hair standard policies were changed based on feedback received from Airmen who identified numerous health concerns around the bun.
  • 10th Anniversary of Don't Ask Don't Tell Repeal

    The United States military has come a long way in protecting the rights of LGBTQ+ military members over the past 10 years, spurred on with the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell on Tuesday, September 20, 2011. When the issue was being debated in Congress, LGBTQ+ military advocates were bolstered by research and testimony from the American Psychological Association.
  • National Hispanic Heritage Month 2021

    Every year the Department of Defense joins the Nation in celebrating and honoring the cultures and contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans. This year’s theme is: “Esperanza: A Celebration of Hispanic Heritage and Hope.”
  • AFMC continues implementation of diversity, inclusion initiatives

    The Air Force Materiel Command continues to make progress on a number of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives across the command as it leads the Air Force in ensuring all Airmen, uniform and non-uniform, have the right environment, resources and support they need to thrive and succeed.
  • Department of the Air Force releases reports on Racial Disparity Review update, second disparity review

    The Department of the Air Force released a progress update on the Inspector General Independent Racial Disparity Review and a second disparity review report Sept. 9.

Senior Leader Viewpoints

Building inclusive teams, facilitating difficult conversations within the workforce, articulating the benefits of becoming a more diverse organization and implementing best practices that promote a positive workplace culture will help get AFMC where we need to be. Our goal is simple: create an environment where every Airman feels accepted, valued and can achieve their full potential."

Gen. Arnold W. Bunch, Jr. AFMC Commander

It’s about dignity and respect for everyone we work with. It’s finding out some of the barriers that have been out there for folks that maybe we don’t even realize.We, as leaders, are responsible for taking a look at those and trying to remove those barriers."

Chief Master Sgt. Stanley Cadell, AFMC Command Chief

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