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Strategic Plan Overview

The Air Force Materiel Command mission and vision are fundamental to the Department of the Air Force (DAF) achieving critical priorities. We develop, deliver, support, and sustain war-winning capabilities to ensure our Nation’s competitive advantage.

We exist to deliver integrated materiel capabilities to the warfighter. To effectively conduct our mission, AFMC’s Airmen must embrace and amplify our warfighting culture. Our culture is critical to accelerate change, enhance delivery of our capabilities, and connect every AFMC Airman directly to the mission. This warfighting culture drives us to sustain the legacy force, deliver the future force, and seek enterprise solutions to maximize the readiness and lethality required to become indispensable to our nation and disruptive to our adversaries.

This strategic plan focuses AFMC’s Airmen and collective resources around our clear mission, vision, and four Lines of Effort (LOEs). All Airmen in our Command should know where we are going, how we will get there, why AFMC’s mission is vital to the Air Force and Space Force, and most importantly, where they fit in the overall strategy.

Together, as One AFMC, we will focus on delivering integrated capabilities (the “what”), strengthening our team (the “who”), and revolutionizing our processes (the “how").

 2023 AFMC Strategic Plan




Our Mission:  Powering the world’s greatest Air Force… We develop, deliver, support, and sustain war-winning capabilities.

AFMC’s responsibility to organize, train, and equip, in full support of and alignment with the Air Force Operational Imperatives (OIs), provides foundational materiel development functions – research, development, test, sustainment, installations and mission support – critical to delivering war-winning capabilities to power the world’s greatest Air Force and Space Force. Our foundational materiel development functions will ensure our adversaries do not achieve goals that run counter to our interests.

Our Vision:  One AFMC--integrated, collaborative, innovative, trusted, and empowered...indispensable to our nation, disruptive to our adversaries.

The Air Force succeeds with the people, processes, and materiel products we execute and deliver on behalf of the DAF. United and integrated internally across our six Centers, and externally with U.S. and Allied mission partners, our AFMC Team – civilians and uniformed service members – is a national treasure and strategic competitive advantage.

Lines of Effort - overview

Joint doctrine defines a Line of Effort as the unity of purpose centralizing multiple tasks and missions behind a desired effect. Our four LOEs – deliver integrated capabilities, strengthen our team, revolutionize our processes, and amplify warfighter culture – coalesce to provide this unity of purpose for AFMC. Objectives, nested under the four LOEs, establish an anchor point for our Centers and headquarter two-letter organizations to propose and execute the measurable initiatives that, once accomplished, take us ever closer to our envisioned end state.


Strategy Map

Strategy Map

Our Nation and our Department of the Air Force rely on the Air Force Materiel Command to deliver war-winning capabilities, project power to deter our adversaries, provide sustained combat support, equip mission partners, build infrastructure, and develop technological solutions for future readiness.

This Strategic Plan, through four lines of effort, will guide AFMC to ensure continued success against the pacing challenge posed by the People's Republic of China, and other challengers, across the ever-evolving continuum of conflict. As One AFMC, will will press forward and power the world’s greatest Air Force to fly, fight, and win…airpower, anytime, anywhere!