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Energy Management Team encourages smart energy choices

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio -- For the last 29 years the Federal Government has celebrated Energy Action Month. Secretary of the Air Force Installations, Environment and Energy actively embraces this program. EAM supports the SAF vision to increase mission capability and readiness in pursuit of the USAF global mission.

SAF challenges its leaders to champion projects that optimize the use of aviation fuel, encouraging Airmen to make smart energy decisions, and foster a culture that prioritizes energy and water optimization. EAM is a campaign that actively assists the installations in energy awareness and provides a platform to bolster the relationship between our local utility providers, base personnel, and the community.

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base’s EAM theme this year is “Air Force Energy, What is your role?"

Col. Thomas P. Sherman, 88th Air Base Wing and installation commander has gone a step further and proclaimed October as Energy Action Month, and challenges every Airmen to work toward the goal of protecting our energy power for environmental, financial, and mission assurance purposes.  

The Wright-Patterson Energy Management team has made it a goal to execute the vision and educate every Airmen about the important role energy and water play in every aspect of the Air Force mission and the affects energy has on everyday duties.

Wright-Patterson Energy Management Team ensure every utility bill is correct, and the team members search for viable ways to minimize the cost of energy while reducing the energy footprint. During October, the Energy Team will be highlighting how, through their accomplishment of facility energy audits, energy contract management, and awareness campaigns. They attempt to get the most energy per dollar while efficiently providing utilities to support every mission partner.

This year we have a video highlighting the Wright-Patterson EAM theme “Air Force Energy, What is Your Role?” This video focuses on several projects where energy conservation measures and resiliency features are utilized during the design and execution.

Additionally, we have many EAM events planned to keep Wright-Patterson personnel informed, including booths at various locations on base. An energy information booth will be at Bldg. 16 on Oct. 2; Wright-Field Fitness Center on Oct. 9; the National Museum of the U.S. air Force on Oct. 16 and the Air Force Institute of Technology on Oct. 23.

The Energy Management Team is always looking for your creative ideas. Everyone on the installation is encouraged to send your energy savings ideas to the 88 CEG Energy Team email address: WPAFBEnergyOffice@wpafb.af.mil. The team will answer any questions you may have about WPAFB energy or any ongoing energy projects.

“Air Force Energy, What is your role?”  

Every Airman can accomplish simple items at the close of the duty day by turning off office lights and any non-network connected computer devices.  The use of a smart power-strips will save energy and turn off your monitors and designed to leave the printers and computers on.  

Remember to reboot your computers at the end of the day as this action alone can save Wright-Patterson valuable resources since this action can dramatically reduce the energy consumed by a computer.