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Mail order prescription instructions for patients who are practicing social distancing

  • Published
  • 75th Air Base Wing Medical Group

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah -- If you are concerned about picking up your medications in person and being exposed to coronavirus, you can transfer your prescriptions to TriCare Mail Order.

TriCare Mail Order allows your medications to be delivered directly to you via mail, and provides an automatic refill program.

There may be small co‐pays for using this service – on average, $0 for generic prescriptions, $10 for step-therapy medications, and $20-$60 for non-preferred brand medications.

If interested, there are two options available to you outlined below.

OPTION 1 (preferred): Call TriCare Mail Order

• Call TriCare at 877‐363‐1303
• Pick option #3
• Provide the following information and Express Scripts will contact your provider for a 90
day supply with three refills:
     o Name
     o Date of Birth
     o Zip Code
     o Medication Name
     o Doctor name
• If you do not currently have a TriCare Mail
Order account, please utilize this option to ensure that Express Scripts has the information required to take care of your needs.
• Prescriptions will be delivered in approximately 2 weeks from the date of the phone call.
• Benefits to this option: Low co‐pay, low phone wait time, convenience.

OPTION 2 (non-preferred): Call 75th Medical Group Pharmacy

• Call the Pharmacy at 801‐777‐0418
     o Note: We may experience extended phone wait times depending on external factors
• Pharmacy will take required information to initiate a transfer.
• Pharmacy will transfer the prescription to your desired pharmacy
     o If you do not have a TriCare Mail Order account you, will need to call 877‐363‐
1303 to establish an account
     o TriCare Mail Order turn around will also be approximately 2 weeks.
     o You may also have your prescriptions sent to a retail pharmacy (Walmart,
Walgreens, etc.). This option will allow for a quicker turn around than TriCare Mail Order, and utilization of drive-thru services to decrease your exposure to possibly infected individuals, but it will have a significantly higher co‐pay.

The Hill Air Force Base Pharmacy is dedicated to keeping our beneficiaries safe while ensuring that your prescription needs are met. Please note that pharmacy operations on base may be limited and/or have longer waits due to Health Protection Condition measures.

For any other questions or concerns, please call 801-777-0418.