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Ogden ALC’s 583rd Missile Maintenance Squadron earns LAMP Award

  • Published
  • By Capt. Ryan VanArtsdalen, 583rd Missile Maintenance Squadron

Since the establishment of the Ogden Air Logistics Complex Logistics Airmen Mastering Possibilities (LAMP) award in May 2019, it has been awarded monthly to Ogden ALC’s units and teams that have gone above and beyond in making the complex a more efficient and better place to work.

Recognized for the month of February was a geographically separated unit (GSU) located at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana, under the 583rd Missile Maintenance Squadron (MMXS).

The maintenance squadron consists of a more than 240 civilian workforce with four GSUs across seven states supporting four different wings and two major commands to overhaul Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) launch facilities and control centers using on-site depot field teams.

The 583rd MMXS manages the sustainment of aging ICBM weapon system facilities, related support equipment, depot industrial plant equipment, and non-real property facility maintenance to ensure maintenance life-extensions provide continued combat capability for Air Force Global Strike Command and United States Strategic Command.

Depot field teams make long journeys daily to their work sites in the missile fields and sometimes work in extreme weather conditions throughout the winter season and have braved severe conditions with wind chills as cold as -53 degrees.

The squadron was recognized for its dedication to safety and accomplishing its production under extreme weather conditions.

Regardless of the weather and with many of the launch site locations located as far as a two-hour drive away, the field teams completed three ICBM launch facility overhauls while earning over 10,000 production hours, dispatching to the missile field 64 times accruing 25,000 total driving miles.

The unit also accomplished its mission while overcoming four crane failures from hazardous weather conditions and still achieved an incredible 100% quality assurance pass rate.

The herculean efforts and adherence to sound risk management resulted in unparalleled support to the lethality and reliability of the ICBM warfighter.

“I am so thankful and proud of my team for what they do every day for our unique and incredible national deterrence mission,” said Jason Young, the unit’s director of operations at Malmstrom.

The GSU team at Malmstrom virtually attended the LAMP award presentation and celebrated their success with the rest of the 309th Missile Maintenance Group.
“The Malmstrom team has done a really tremendous job supporting the (missile) wing, which has a strategic significance for the country overall,” said Eric Fox, Ogden Air Logistics Complex vice director.