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Arnold AFB moves to a new operating posture

  • Published
  • By Jason Austin

To further protect the health of the workforce at Arnold Air Force Base during the Coronavirus pandemic, while completing test missions critical to the nation’s defense, Col. Jeffrey Geraghty, commander, Arnold Engineering Development Complex, has directed the base move to an “Operationally Urgent” posture, effective April 6.

In an operationally urgent posture, the commander will curtail some mission activities and limit access to the installation to those employees required to complete critical test missions and support functions.

In a memorandum to the workforce, Col. Geraghty wrote, “My number one priority is protection of the health of the workforce and their families.  This reduction in mission activities will significantly reduce the number of human interactions that put personnel at risk of contracting COVID-19.”

The enhanced screening measures in place since March 21 will remain. However, only those employees who are required to complete critical missions will be allowed entry.

If an employee required to perform and operationally urgent mission has recently been in a listed hotspot, that employee may be granted access after an additional screening process at the division-level. If an operationally urgent employee has been in a hotspot county with more than 500 positive cases, base access will require approval from the AEDC Commander. Screening will be required to be updated weekly.

Commissary and Base Exchange patrons who can pass the initial screening procedures will be allowed to access those facilities.

These measures are meant to further reduce the risk to those employees required to complete critical missions on base.

Everyone granted access to the installation will adhere to strict social distancing policy by maintaining a 6-foot distance from others. Exceptions to this policy will require appropriate PPE and approval at the division level.