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AFMC Connect February focus: Valuable

  • Published
  • By Estella Holmes, Air Force Materiel Command

Airmen interact with family, friends and co-workers based on how they value themselves and the people around them. Each Airman’s value to the mission can be enhanced and strengthened through daily connections.  

February is the second month of AFMC Connect emphasizing a quarterly theme revolving around ‘belonging’. This month a microscopic look is placed on how leaders can produce an environment in which each Airman is considered valuable to the organization and seeks to amplify that value.

Airmen are the command’s greatest resource. Harnessing the value within each AFMC uniformed and civilian Airman is an imperative which translates to mission success.

Within value-laden work centers, the value placed on each member of the team has a direct impact on mission accomplishment.  Each Airman contributes based on individual strengths where valuable effort is measured alongside valuable accomplishments.

Gatherings such as roll calls, staff meetings, physical training sessions and virtual meetings encourages connection and involvement in a ‘value quest’. Leaders must take action in order to determine ways they can strengthen the value of each member of the team toward greater team success. 

Through open interactive discussion, leaders can determine what strengths each person brings to the group. Suggested questions might include:

What makes you feel like a valued member of the team?

How do you contribute to your unit’s mission?

What strengths can you use that help people feel they are a valued member of the team?

How can each member build greater value within the team?

What do you see as a personal strength?

Are the strengths of each member fully utilized?

As connections are strengthened, each members’ personal value within the team and to the mission, increases exponentially. 

More information can be found in the full information guide on facilitating discussion along with local support sources at