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DAF professional developmental tool assists Airmen, Guardians with career planning

  • Published
  • By Jennifer Gonzalez
  • Air Education and Training Command

In episode 45 of "The Air Force Starts Here" podcast, we discuss a new force development tool for Airmen and Guardians to grow professionally.

These opportunities are known as Developmental Special Experiences, or DSE, which are learning activities outside the scope of formal training that have been validated as a potential means to obtain specific foundational, occupational, or joint competencies.

The DSE Catalog is a consolidated list of available learning activities outside the scope of formal training. It simplifies research efforts to find training opportunities available to Airmen and Guardians like internships, fellowships or developmental special duties.

To be classified as a DSE, the experience must provide hands-on experiences that are outside an Airman’s formal Air Force Specialty Code or career series, must be offered more than once at a unit or organization, and help Airmen and Guardians gain or enhance competencies.

The catalog is a single resource that can assist with personal development and integrate DSEs into Air and Space professionals’ career goals as a short term objective or long term career goal.

Unlike talent management and the assignment systems, the catalog aggregates all of these DSEs year-round so Airmen and Guardians interested in a possible position can future cast the prerequisites needed and have advance notice of openings. This is an awareness tool and Air and Space professionals’ interested in pursuing any of the openings should follow the normal application process, which is also laid out in the DSE Catalog.

Department of the Air Force personnel can access the DSE Catalog through MyVECTOR. Once logged in, select “Development Plan” on the left-hand side menu option and then click on “Developmental Special Experiences Catalog” tab. To apply for a DSE, contact the listed point of contact for the specific DSE and follow the application process.

For details on the catalog, listen to this episode of “The Air Force Starts Here” podcast. You can stream the podcast on your favorite podcast streaming app or at the following:

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