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Integrated Digital Environment provides glue for digital campaign

  • Published
  • By Estella Holmes, Air Force Materiel Command Public Affairs

Note: This is the second in a series of articles on the Air Force Materiel Command Digital Campaign Lines of Effort. The series will focus on one effort each month, providing information on the goals, importance and ongoing successes. Each effort is led by a champion and is supervised by an Air Force Materiel Command general officer and/or Program Executive Officer who helps drive the accomplishment of the campaign objectives.

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio - The Air Force Materiel Command Digital Campaign Line of Effort #1 focuses on the integrated digital environment.

An Integrated Digital Environment consists of a collection of data, models, and tools for collaboration, analysis, and visual representation of work activities across all functional domains. It also includes guidance for the use of the data, models and tools in conjunction with processes and procedures to ensure results.

Line of Effort #1 has one goal supported by four objectives. The goal is to define the guidelines for the models and tools. The objectives are:

Objective 1: Tools Catalog & Guide – To identify the appropriate tools for programs to conduct business across various functions

Objective 2: Modeling, Simulation and Analysis Catalog & Guide – To provide methodologies and specifications for using models in the digital environment

Objective 3: Enterprise Tools Construct – To establish the processes and procedures for using the tools, certification and updates in the digital environment,  especially in collaboration with contractors and external entities

Objective 4: Digital Platform as a Service – To develop an accessible framework for an integrated digital environment storefront

Objectives one and two pertain to the tools used to conduct business across functions like engineering, finance, security, program management, logistics, and more.

The Modeling, Simulation and Analysis Catalog and Guide categorizes the digital tools and models that can augment various life cycle phases.

“Using the tools catalog and guide helps the acquisition workforce accomplish more efficient and secure solutions,” said Tevonya Garland, Digital Engineering Enterprise Office, Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center. “With the right tools, complex or routine activities can be completed with ease, speed, and accuracy.”

Objective three pertains to the establishment of processes and procedures for using digital tools, certification and updates. In the process of executing this objective, the team did an assessment of the current digital tool inventory across the Air Force and found that the enterprise owns and manages more than 700 software tools and applications, plus thousands of independently developed models.

The analysis also showed that current software licensing arrangements were not keeping up with industry standards. The need for agility and security on multiple cyber protection levels was balanced with the need for interoperability across the enterprise.

“In support of models and tools, the primary focus is maintenance of the plan of action and the milestones,” said Debra Bednorz, Deputy Director, Engineering and Technical Management, Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center.

The team’s next step, which encompasses objective four, will include the development of a storefront of authorized tools for enterprise-wide utilization on the Cloud One/Platform One/Data One technical stacks. This will enable AFMC, program executive officers, programs and industry partners to exchange data through common enterprise tools.

The Air Force Digital Campaign continues to assess the digital environment with other functional stakeholders. AFMC is making a major first step with the integrated digital environment line of effort.

For more information on current Digital Campaign efforts, internal Air Force audiences can visit the Digital Guide team site for tools and models. The team also hosts a public version of the Digital Guide for industry and academia to access at