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AFIMSC expands development programs with supervisor rotation program

  • Published
  • By Malcolm McClendon
  • AFIMSC Public Affairs

The Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center will offer more professional development opportunities for unit members when it launches the Supervisor Rotation Program Sept. 1.

The program, which is in line with Air Force and Materiel Command’s Diversity and Inclusion efforts, is designed to leverage capabilities, maximize efficiency and improve effectiveness of the Center’s leaders.

The Directorate of Personnel team is the office of primary responsibility for fielding and managing the program.

“AFIMSC recognizes supervisory and leadership skills are the bedrock for fostering teamwork and collaboration, and we continuously seek new options that enable us to further develop our installation and mission support professionals,” said Robert Jackson, director of personnel. “The Supervisor Rotation Program is just one more avenue supporting the pursuit of organizational excellence.”

The Broadened Horizons and Experiential Opportunity programs are additional resources AFIMSC currently offers to develop functional expertise, operational competence and cross-functional knowledge to further integrate delivery of installation and mission support capabilities, Jackson added.

The Supervisory Rotation program recognizes supervisors possess similar foundational leadership skills, regardless of the teams they manage; and a key component of the program is designed for supervisors to apply different leadership styles to different teams.

“What innovation is in one office may be different at another, so this program promotes diversity of thought as well as organizational perspective throughout our workforce,” said Dorothea Edwards, senior force development specialist. “Both are key sub-components of how the Air Force defines diversity, so it makes sense to make it part of our diversity and inclusion efforts.”

Current AFMC diversity and inclusion guidance calls for AFIMSC centers to review civilian Airmen serving in leadership positions to ensure appropriate career rotational placement occurs in order to drive organizational success and leadership development. The Supervisory Rotation Program aligns with AFMC Commander Gen. Arnold W. Bunch Jr.’s mandate to maximize mentorship programs and development of supervisory rotation plans, Edwards added.

“I expect leaders at all levels to maximize mentorship programs,” Bunch said. “We must also review non-uniformed Airmen serving in leadership positions to ensure appropriate career rotational placement occurs in order to drive organizational success and leadership development.”

The Workforce Development Division has identified the eligible supervisors and positions, and will work with respective units to execute the program.

For questions about the Supervisor Rotation Program, email Edwards at

For more information on additional developmental programs offered by the Directorate of Personnel team, visit the SharePoint site (CAC required for access) at: