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AFMC Connect October focus: Outlook

  • Published
  • By Estella Holmes, Air Force Materiel Command Public Affairs

AFMC Connect October focus: Outlook

The AFMC Connect focus for October is outlook. This can be defined as the unique perspective through which an individual views life. A person’s outlook on life can impact their daily interactions both at home and in the workplace.

The outlook an employee has will directly impact their ability to develop relationships within an organization, and ultimately, the performance of the team. Whether information is received in a positive manner depends on perspective.

Fortunately, each individual has the ability to control their outlook.

Opinions, beliefs and feelings about different aspects of life form the lens through which situations are judged.

Leaders can create an environment that supports a positive outlook and builds a culture where team members look forward to daily interactions in the work environment. Some ways leaders can do this include:

• Encouraging positive self-talk and affirmative conversations in the workplace

Providing opportunities to share individual opinions and perspectives 

• Developing a positive vision and goals for an organization and reinforcing them by personal example

With time, unit morale increases through positive self-talk and the willingness to see others in a positive light.

Airmen with a resilient, healthful outlook on life have the ability to see positive rather than negative when judging situations. The same balanced outlook can contribute to positive outcomes for team projects and organization goals.

More information on outlook is available on the AFMC website.

In addition, information on leading discussions can be found in the AFMC Connect Implementation Guide.