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Air Force Materiel Command reaches IOC as servicing major command for Space Force

  • Published
  • By Public Affairs
  • Air Force Materiel Command

The Air Force Materiel Command declared Initial Operational Capability for its support to the U.S. Space Force on Oct. 1, 2021. The IOC milestone means AFMC is well on its way to fully supporting the Space Force as its Servicing Major Command for Space Force-assigned Airmen.

The USAF and USSF took a series of steps over the past year in the designation of AFMC as Servicing MAJCOM for the USSF. Those actions included a programming plan, approved this summer, outlining the functional support AFMC will provide to Airmen assigned to the USSF.    

At IOC, a memorandum of agreement has been established between the Department of the Air Force and U.S. Space Force, and the functions and personnel who will be serviced by AFMC have been identified. 

As the Servicing MAJCOM, AFMC will accomplish the roles and responsibilities traditionally performed by a major command for the Airmen supporting the Space Force.  These major command functions typically include, but are not limited to, providing policy guidance; professional development opportunities/guidance; developmental team representation; and functional-specific roles.  Approximately 8,000 Airmen assigned to Space Force installations and units will eventually be serviced by AFMC. 

Full operational capability is expected by Fall 2022 when all assigned functional areas will be fully supported by AFMC, and AFMC has hired all of the positions required to provide servicing major command support to Space Force Airmen. 

Airmen at U.S. Space Force installations will continue to be serviced by their local Military Personnel Flight and Civilian Personnel Office, and the Air Force Personnel Center will continue to provide service to all Airmen at Space Force installations. 

The Department of the Air Force created this unique and first-time Servicing MAJCOM structure to ensure Airmen assigned to the Space Force receive the same force development opportunities, functional and administrative support as those at U.S. Air Force installations.