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Department of the Air Force announces 2021 Presidential Rank Award recipients

  • Published
  • Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

Seventeen Department of the Air Force personnel were named 2021 Presidential Rank Award recipients by the Office of Personnel Management today.

Selected by the President of the United States, Presidential Rank Awards are presented to a small cadre of civilian senior executives in recognition for their long-term accomplishments in providing exceptional service to the American people.

According to the award criteria, recipients are leaders who consistently demonstrate strength, integrity, and a relentless commitment to public service.

“We are honored to congratulate these seventeen Department of the Air Force recipients,” said Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall. “These awards are a testament to the strong leadership abilities of our civilian executives, their commitment to their teammates, and their dedication to ensuring our Air and Space Forces are trained and equipped to meet national security needs.”

There are two categories of Presidential Rank Awards: Distinguished, for leaders who achieve sustained extraordinary accomplishments; and Meritorious for leaders who demonstrated sustained accomplishments. Recipients are endorsed by the Deputy Secretary of Defense and reviewed by a board of private citizens from across the country.

The Department of the Air Force’s recipients include:

Distinguished recipients:

Ms. Darlene J. Costello and Mr. Steven K. Rogers

Meritorious recipients:  

Mr. Charles A. Babish IV

Ms. Nancy J. Balkus

Mr. Shawn J. Barnes

Ms. Terri L. Dilly

Mr. Thomas M. Fischer 

Mr. Joseph M. McDade, Jr.

Mr. William J. Miller

Mr. Edwin H. Oshiba 

Mr. Russell E. Partch 

Mr. Anthony P. Reardon 

Mr. Craig A. Smith 

Mr. James H. Smith  

Ms. Kathryn J. Sowers 

Mr. Ted T. Uchida 

Mr. Ranae P. Woods