AFMC Connect January focus: Purpose

  • Published
  • By Estella Holmes, Air Force Materiel Command Public Affairs

Each member of the Air Force Materiel Command team can be armed with a purpose in support of the Air Force and its mission to fly, fight and win.

The AFMC Connect focus for January is purpose.

When members become aware of how their individual contribution fits into the accomplishment of the organization’s goals, they have a sense of being able to ‘do their part’ for the mission.

Such a purpose-driven workplace is essential to encourage ownership of tasks. Then, personal pride in the success of the task ensues.

Leaders directly impact the motivation of others at work. Resilience is also increased by encouraging an environment where all can thrive.

Team members assist others in finding purpose at work by helping to determine what motivates each worker and identifying which personal strengths can benefit the organization. Then opportunities for mentorship, coaching and development can be offered.

Helpful discussion by team members might include:

1. What are each individual’s motivators at work?

2. How do individuals contribute to completing the mission?

3. What is being done to capitalize on each person’s strengths?

Meaningful work helps people handle challenges by setting the groundwork for forward thinking, positive change and mission accomplishment.

AFMC encourages purpose-driven work environments throughout the command.

The AFMC Connect Implementation Guide is available as a resource. In addition, information on leading discussions on purpose can be found on the AFMC website.