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AFLCMC Focus Week returns Jan. 24-28

  • Published
  • By K. Houston Waters
  • 66th Air Base Group Public Affairs

HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE, Mass. – The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center is hosting the first Focus Week of 2022 from Jan. 24-28.    

Focus week is a quarterly opportunity for personnel to complete mandatory and discretionary leadership and acquisition training, along with the potential to earn continuous learning points. Dozens of courses will be available, ranging from career and functional area-specific training and coaching to personal development classes.

A few classes on the schedule for acquisition professionals this quarter include Acquisition Strategy Development with Digital Acquisition, Intel Support to Acquisitions, and Risk-Based Tiering. Several new artificial intelligence courses are also now available, including Artificial Intelligence Applications, and Global Competition for Artificial Intelligence Leadership.

Acquisition Strategy Development with Digital Acquisition will walk participants down the path of Digital Transformation by exploring digital acquisition policies and guidance. Participants will also discuss how personnel should apply these policies to program execution, acquisition strategies, and request for proposals. In addition, this class will provide details on changes that have been made to the Air Force Acquisition Strategy Panel briefing template for digital implementation. The course is worth two continuous learning points.   

During Intel Support to Acquisitions, instructors will provide students with a better understanding of the intelligence community and how it supports the AFLCMC acquisition mission. This course is divided into three functional areas: intelligence fundamentals, acquisition intelligence fundamentals, and an introduction to intelligence costing. Intel Support to Acquisitions is designed for AFLCMC program office personnel and worth three continuous learning points.

Enrollees in Risk-Based Tiering will receive an overview of the AFLCMC Risk-Based Tiering Process, as well as all of the guidance and resources associated with the RBT Tool, an application within the Project Management Resource Tools, or PMRT, Suite. PMRT is an Air Force site containing common access card-enabled access to core acquisition tools and information for a range of acquisition communities, including program management, systems engineering, financial management, contracting, life cycle logistics management, requirements management, risk management, and workforce management. Attendees can earn 1.5 continuous learning points.

For those seeking to gain a basic understanding of how they can integrate artificial intelligence into military systems, several new courses are available during this quarter’s Focus Week.

Artificial Intelligence Applications is available on Jan. 26 at 2 p.m. This course will explore systems such as autonomous systems, command and control systems, big data analytics, sensors, logistics, and open-source intelligence systems. A follow-up course, Global Competition for Artificial Intelligence Leadership, will take place immediately after.

Global Competition for Artificial Intelligence Leadership will offer an introduction to the defense industrial base for A.I., provide discussions on economic and foreign policy issues relating to A.I., and detail A.I. development currently underway in China and Russia.

These A.I. courses are worth one continuous learning point each.

Multiple personal development classes are also available this focus week, including Virtual Success Chapter One and USAJOBS/Resume Writing/How to Interview/Jobs Board Block Training.

For those who are navigating working from home, Virtual Success Chapter One is a new course aimed at exploring ways for employees to connect, be productive, and build camaraderie virtually without burning out. It will take place Jan. 27 at 10 a.m. and is worth one continuous learning point.

Anyone interested in improving career opportunities can enroll in USAJOBS/Resume Writing/How to Interview/Jobs Board Block Training. This course combines the USAJOBS, Effective Resume Writing, and How to Interview classes into a single training session aimed at providing students with key skills to assist them with career advancement. Attendees can earn two continuous learning points.

“Currently, all courses are being offered in a distance learning format, so they are available to the entire AFLCMC workforce, regardless of location,” said Jason Sibrel, Focus Week program manager. “Attendance is open to military, civilian, and most contractor personnel, as long as the contract allows for the attendance of training and the course is open to all.”

For a list of all the courses and step-by-step instructions on how to register, visit the Focus Week course catalog by clicking here.

Registration for all courses is available on the Acquisition Now Continuous Learning website.  

The current classes are hosted on platforms such as teleconferences, Defense Collaboration Services, and Microsoft Teams.

Some courses are new to the virtual learning environment, so it is important to be mindful about what platform is being used, said Sibrel.

For questions or additional information, contact