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AFMC Connect April focus: Mindfulness

  • Published
  • By Estella Holmes, Air Force Materiel Command

Mindfulness is achieved when time is taken to be aware of where you are and what you and those around you are doing, at any moment.

The AFMC Connect focus for April is mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present. It is being aware of what is occurring in the near surroundings.

Being mindful allows for reduced stress and a focused pause. This provides time to think before taking action.

The desired end state is a clearer, more focused approach to tasks. Clearer thought processes when operating in the workplace can impact the efficiency and productivity of the team. It allows for more mental alertness, resilience and self-awareness.

Leaders can encourage teams to practice mindfulness by:

1. Offering opportunities for brain breaks

2. Encouraging the accomplishment of one task at a time

3. Being aware of thoughts and emotions that can control actions

4. Taking daily breaks from electronic devices, and manually writing thoughts

Team discussion points can include:

• Mindfulness in the workplace

• Helpful mindfulness strategies

• How to improve professional relationships by practicing mindfulness

More information on mindfulness, and how to achieve a more productive, thoughtful work environment, can be found on the AFMC website. The AFMC Connect Implementation Guide is also available as a resource.