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AFRL-developed cross-domain access system expands across federal government

  • Published
  • By Whitney Wetsig
  • Air Force Research Laboratory Public Affairs
SecureView, an Air Force Research Laboratory-developed cross-domain solution that provides access to multiple classified networks from the same device, now has more than 16,000 users throughout the federal government. First deployed in 2011, the user base of this operating system has doubled since 2017.
“SecureView provides ready access to information on disparate security domains, reduces infrastructure costs and streamlines support of domain management,” said Eileen Goodell, SecureView program manager. “Some locations have more than 30 domains on one workstation, so this solution breaks down information sharing silos and provides unparalleled access to critical data.”
Based out of AFRL’s Information Directorate in Rome, New York, the SecureView Program Office works directly with government programs to provide operators with secure access to classified networks through virtual desktop infrastructure technology, approved commercial hardware and SecureView-enabled laptops. The team supports all U.S. military branches including Air Force, Space Force, Navy, Army, Marine Corps and Coast Guard as well as the U.S. Intelligence Community and other federal government agencies.
“SecureView provides a state-of-the-art access solution that is elegant, reliable and secure,” said Dr. Dave DeProspero, deputy program manager and operational engineering lead. “Users access multiple security domains from one machine via clickable icons.”
In 2022 alone, 1,500 users came onboard with SecureView and the office plans to add an additional 4,000 customers by 2023.
“We work hard to meet Department of Defense and U.S. Intelligence Community mission needs,” Goodell said. “Our office routinely works with sites to implement unique use case requirements into the SecureView baseline.” 
During the onboarding process, the team identifies hardware requirements, performs installation, provides training and supports new users through accreditation and sustainment. 
DeProspero said SecureView has facilitated increased telework by adapting to the growing need for remote access.
“With the pandemic, mobile access to classified networks has been more of a focus of the user base,” he said. 
In recent years, the user community has grown mainly through word-of-mouth. 
“Current users frequently talk to others about how they're using SecureView to meet mission needs,” Goodell said.
Meanwhile, the team continues to enhance this cross-domain solution.
“We also are looking at the future SecureView with support for emerging technology and security features,” Goodell said.
Interested parties can email or call 315-330-7657.

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