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AFMC Connect May focus: Engaged

  • Published
  • Air Force Materiel Command

Think about the last meeting you attended. Did you pay active attention, ask questions, and take part in the conversation at hand, or were you the person sitting along the sides, quietly watching the clock and counting the seconds until the meeting would end?

The AFMC Connect topic for May is engaged and focuses on active participation and involvement in the success of the team. An engaged employee feels valued, supported and seeks meaningful connections in the workplace. Connections and engagement build trust, and together, these can help lead to a more productive, high-performing individual and team.

Per the example, the engaged employee is the person actively participating in the meeting, both with the content at hand and those around them. The engaged employee seeks to understand their role on a team and in a process, contributing to the overall success of the group.

To build engagement in the workplace, leaders can:

  • Promote team-building events and opportunities.
  • Find ways to connect with each member of the team in a meaningful way.
  • Celebrate team member birthdays, milestones, and special events.
  • Offer frequent recognition for contributions to a team’s success.

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