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AFMC Connect October focus: Integrity

  • Published
  • Air Force Materiel Command

Do the right thing, always. This phrase is simple in words, but it takes focus and commitment to execute in action each day.

The AFMC Connect focus for October is integrity. Integrity is a feature of one’s character, and it encompasses traits such as honesty, loyalty, accountability and more, all of which contribute to trustworthiness. Integrity is a core value of all Airmen, and it is exhibited by day-to-day beliefs, words and action.

Individuals can show integrity by:

  • Arriving on time and ready for all activities.
  • Exhibiting respect for all.
  • Practicing accountability.
  • Complying with established policies.
  • Being honest, always.

Discussions on integrity might include:

  • Asking individuals how they define integrity.
  • Sharing examples of integrity in action.
  • Identifying instances where integrity might be a challenge.

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