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BESPIN, Singapore Air Force present Stargazer at Pentagon

  • Published
  • By Briana Wilson

Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) Agile Innovation Digital (RAiD) software development team traveled to the Pentagon in Washington, DC, in August, to share the results of the bilateral military partnership that produced Stargazer, a software plugin with the potential to become a virtual security champion.

Developed in partnership with BESPIN and RAiD, Stargazer addresses data spillage in open text fields. Over an eight-week period, from June 26 to August 19, BESPIN welcomed five members of RAiD to work alongside three BESPIN Airmen to create the software.

During the trip to the Pentagon, the Stargazer team and leadership from BESPIN and RAiD impressed Air Force leadership with their Stargazer brief.

BESPIN Chief Operating Officer, Lt. Col. Tyler Hough, was also impressed the first time he saw the Stargazer demonstration.

“I had high hopes for Stargazer, but the results far exceeded my expectations,” said Lt. Col. Tyler Hough, BESPIN Chief Operating Officer. “What the team accomplished in such a short amount of time is beyond what my expectations were, and the sophistication of the product they developed is beyond what we expected it to be.”

What was created is an advanced internal tool designed to analyze and monitor sensitive data within an organization's applications.

Stargazer can be implemented at any stage of an app’s data life cycle and offers a two-fold solution to address the challenges faced by both app teams in the prototype phase and those with active users.

Gek Peng Tay, RAiD’s Chief Digital Officer, RSAF Military Expert 7 (ME7) said the RSAF has participated in several military exercises with the United States, but this partnership is special.

“Over the last eight weeks, we’ve experienced history in the making,” Tay said. “We’ve delivered a product that can be very useful, and we’ve started a first-of-its-kind partnership model that we can build upon, iterate, and make better. This partnership is one of mutual learning, friendship, and collaboration. I look forward to seeing how this partnership will evolve in the future.”

Stargazer is slated for completion in 2024.

Moving forward, the development team will collaborate virtually to complete the app, with hopes of sending BESPIN Airmen to Singapore for another opportunity to work together in-person.

“This is not a one-and-done,” Hough said. “We will continue to look for opportunities for collaboration. Our Singaporean friends are always welcome here at BESPIN.”

BESPIN is an Air Force software factory building technology solutions that meet Airmen where they are - anywhere, anytime, and for any mission. Experts in DevSecOps, BESPIN delivers applications to Cloud One under our continuous authorization to operate.

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