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AFWERX Spark, DOD partners train Airmen to pitch ideas with confidence

  • Published
  • By Tim Tresslar

 AFWERX Spark and other Department of the Air Force innovators gathered Nov. 14-16 in Moraine, Ohio, to create a curriculum for teaching Airmen and Guardians who want to effectively pitch innovative ideas to high-ranking military officers and civilians.
The three-day event took place at the Advanced Technology and Training Center (ATTC), a University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI) and The Air Force Rapid Sustainment Office (RSO) partnership facility. Subject matter experts from a variety of organizations pooled their years of knowledge and varying perspectives of design sprint methodologies and effective pitch coaching tools to organically build internal capabilities for identifying and teaching the art and science of pitch coaching.
Attendees included key influencers from the Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force Management (SAF/MG), AFWERX (representing the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics), the Air Force Strategic Studies Group (representing the Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force), Air Force Futures (HAF A5/7) and the Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center. “Documenting the innovation knowledge AFWERX Spark and other innovation programs have gained, so it can be shared with future Airmen and Guardian innovators, is critical to the DAF’s ongoing efforts to stay ahead of global competitors,” said Crystal Ortiz, DAF Innovation and Spark Tank OpsO chief. “Not only does it pass along knowledge to new innovators, but it eventually will also allow more experienced staff to move on to other developmental and strategic tasks without hindering the DAF’s innovation efforts,” she said.

 A group of coaches will convene during the AFWERX Spark Refinery innovation accelerator in January, as a result of this collaborative effort. The coaches will assist with training Airmen and Guardians, who are preparing to pitch their 2024 Spark Tank ideas to DAF Leadership.

Bringing so many experts together allowed the group to focus on both the science and art of pitch coaching, said Kathy Reid, AFWERX Spark division deputy.

“Our goal in developing the curriculum is to train and equip Airmen and Guardians with the tools they need to effectively communicate the idea details and impact to senior leadership. This week, the team focused on the quantitative attributes, which we called the science of pitch coaching and the qualitative soft skills, which we called the art of pitch coaching." Reid said. “The science is easy to document in the curriculum since it focuses on the data collection, however, the art is more difficult to capture given it relates to body language, experiential knowledge and the "why" behind the change, which typically portrays the emotional investment.”
With this superset of methodologies, the team plans to continue using this curriculum going forward as a way to teach Airmen and Guardians at every level how to tell their story effectively. To learn more, reach out to your nearest Spark Cell, or email

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