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Category: Commander's Log
  • Commander's Log: AFMC highlights mentoring in 2018

    What is one thing that Steve Jobs, Benjamin E. Mays, Maya Angelou and Luther Powell all have in common? All of them were mentors to individuals who accomplished great things in the world. Mr. Jobs mentored Mark Zuckerberg, Mr. Mays mentored Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Ms. Angelou mentored Oprah Winfrey and Mr. Powell mentored his son, retired Gen. Colin Powell.
  • Commentary: Holiday reflection illuminates successful year

    Despite the increased activity the holiday season often brings, this time of year also presents an opportunity for reflection. I would like to thank all AFMC personnel for your exceptional dedication and professionalism in meeting our mission of equipping our Air Force for world dominant airpower. I also thank your families and loved ones for their
  • AFMC Commander's Log -- Memorial Day and Critical Days of Summer

    Team AFMC,This weekend we observe Memorial Day. As Americans, we enjoy an unprecedented level of freedom -- freedom gained and maintained at great price and sacrifice. Please take some time to reflect on the sacrifices of those who paid that price to preserve our freedom.This weekend is also the start of The Critical Days of Summer. The Air Force
  • AFMC Commander's Log -- Near Term Budgetary Actions

    Team AFMC, The budgetary uncertainties currently facing the Department of Defense combined with a projected $1.8 billion shortfall in Air Force funding for overseas contingency operations, require us to take prudent steps to mitigate budget execution risks.Based on guidance received last week from Headquarters Air Force, my intent is for Air Force
  • AFMC Commander's Log -- Potential Civilian Furloughs

    Team AFMC, As many of you have likely heard or read by now, Secretary of Defense Panetta notified Congress that civilian employee furloughs may occur if budget sequestration takes effect March 1, 2013. Civilian employee furloughs, if enacted, would begin late April, following a 30-day notice.I share the Secretary's concerns. Cuts levied by
  • Commentary: Veterans Day honors a truly elite group

    Because we are Airmen, and are surrounded by the military on a daily basis, it can sometimes be easy to forget how incredibly significant it is to be a veteran. The approximately 22 million living veterans in this country make up only about 7 percent of the population. And less than 1 percent of Americans actively serve in the military at any
  • AFMC commander emphasizes continuing education

    AFMC Warriors,Building upon the success of the 2011 "Year of the Community College of the Air Force" (YoCCAF), AFMC will continue the initiative for 2012 and beginning this month will launch into the "Year of Continuing Education" (YoCE). Continuing education benefits all us -- Officer, Enlisted, and Air Force Civilians -- at every point in our
  • AFMC commander emphasizes education, CCAF

    AFMC Airmen,On January 1, 2011, AFMC will begin our "Year of the Community College of the Air Force" (YoCCAF) campaign. John Buchan, a 20th century writer and politician, once said, "The task of leadership is not to put greatness into people, but to elicit it, for the greatness is there already." Therefore, I challenge each of you to reap the
  • AFMC commander emphasizes basics of military culture

    AFMC Warriors, It is time to reinforce the need for basics. Many senior leaders, myself included, are concerned that, over time, we let personal accountability, compliance, and responsibility slip. We sometimes rely too much on technology to 'care for' and 'grow' our Airmen which shortchanges many AF traditions that are beneficial to the
  • Self-inspection process vital to mission success

    We need more vitality in our self-inspection process. I see pockets of excellence, but also many areas where IG inspections or SAVs discover things that should have been self-discovered by the unit. Continuous improvement is part of our culture. We often inherit situations where compliance has lapsed, and on our watch, lapses can occur when we get