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Category: Hold the Line
  • Allied C2 Capabilities RAMPed Up

    RAMP, the Royal Saudi Air Force E-3 Sentry Airborne Warning and Control Systems Modernization Program, is an extensive mission computing and communications upgrade program, turning current Block 30/35 AWACS into the 40/45 configuration. The International Airborne Battle Management Command and Control Division here awarded this first contract to the Boeing Co.
  • Hold the Line: Don't aim for average

    As members of the Air Force, we should be committed to a standard of excellence. Our service adopted a new motto in 2010 that exemplifies this -- "Aim High...Fly-Fight-Win." The Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force said, "This motto encompasses what Airmen say about what it means to serve in this great Air Force. 'Aim High ... Fly-Fight-Win'
  • Hold the Line: We live in a fishbowl

    Have you ever walked through a store parking lot in uniform and had someone stop you to say, "Thank you for your service"? Have you walked through the airport in uniform while deploying and had other travelers stop and shake your hand? As military members we represent our units, our service and each other. Military members stand out in a crowd.One
  • Hold the line: Truth is hard to hear, but can set you free

    As a master sergeant and the newly appointed squadron superintendent, I felt it was important to provide our unit's Airmen with an honest assessment of their performance. Seizing an opportunity, I asked a staff sergeant to come by my office for a chat. The staff sergeant was one of our hardest working NCOs and the best unit training manager I'd
  • Commentary: Hold the line on timeless leadership

    Before I transferred from Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., I had an incentive ride in an F-16. At 15,000 feet, the view of Rogers Dry Lake Bed was surreal.The moment made me reflect on history, and I considered the many changes since the birth of the Air Force in 1947: the advent of personal computers, the Internet, and advancement in research and
  • Hold the Line: It all starts with feedback

    It's been 27 years, but I still remember it like it was yesterday. My Military Training Instructor, Staff Sgt. Murphy from Squadron 3743 Flight 366, was standing about four inches from my face providing feedback on why I needed to keep picking up my bags and then putting them down. The entire time Sgt. Murphy was yelling at me, I was asking myself
  • Hold the line: The importance of feedback

    Help your Airmen help you, themselves, and our Air Force. How? With feedback, feedback, and more feedback.Of course, my intended audience for this message is every first-line supervisor in our Air Force, both Airmen and civilians.While some may consider this message a re-statement of the obvious, that doesn't make it unnecessary, as proven by the
  • Hold the Line: Life lessons -- learning to be remembered

    Some days I, like many others, only learn life's lessons through a significant emotional event, only learning the hard way. Do we have this trait in common? Some of these significant emotional events are very positive and some painfully negative. For some it's the first time away from home, an encounter with a military training instructor at basic
  • Hold the Line: Goals -- the key to success

    When goals are mentioned at this time of year, most people think of hockey or football games, or maybe even dreaming up a New Year's resolution. So why do we even need goals? Why should we write them down? Goals are things you want to accomplish sometime in the future. Goals are great -- they motivate you toward accomplishing a dream or an
  • Hold the Line: Respecting what we represent

    As patriotic Americans, our hearts pound at the sight of the American Flag -- its 13 stripes and 50 stars being unfurled ... the red, white, and blue ... affectionately named "Old Glory." She flies on military installations, in school yards, at ball parks, at the top of the White House and in thousands of other places daily. Our United States flag