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  • Holloman HSTT rainfield undergoes improvements

    Missiles and other high-speed weapons systems are required to fly through a variety of weather situations. One type of weather that is an important concern for system design is rain. When testers need to understand how missile hardware will perform in the rain they often turn to the Holloman High-Speed Test Track. Run by the 846th Test Squadron
  • AEDC Flight Systems Branch provides data critical to weapon systems development

    The Flight Systems Branch, or TSTW, within the Arnold Engineering Development Complex Test Operations Division, provides aerodynamic ground-test capabilities vital to the advancement of U.S. military weapons systems.Bringing together the efforts of personnel across multiple branches, TSTW operates six wind tunnels at subsonic, supersonic and
  • 586 FLTS testing software management program for aircraft

    The Arnold Engineering Development Complex 586th Flight Test Squadron at Holloman Air Force Base is conducting a test program to evaluate potential for the platform Kubernetes to be used in operational aircraft.Kubernetes, according to kubernetes.io, is an “open-source system for automating deployment, scaling and management of containerized
  • Advanced Battle Management System field test brings Joint Force together across all domains during second onramp

    In the latest exercise, known as an “onramp,” operators used ABMS to detect and defeat efforts to disrupt U.S. operations in space in addition to countering attacks against the U.S. homeland, including shooting down a cruise missile “surrogate” with a hypervelocity weapon.
  • Throwbot enhances base security mission

    Throwable microrobot that records and transmits video and audio reconnaissance.
  • Jolly Green II begins aerial refueling tests

    Approximately 3,000 feet above the Eglin range, the HH-60W Jolly Green II connected with a HC-130J tanker for the first ever aerial refueling by the Air Force’s new combat search and rescue helicopter, Aug. 5.
  • Jolly Green launch

    HH-60W Jolly Green II preflight photo essay: The 413th Flight Test Squadron-assigned combat search and rescue helicopter is undergoing developmental testing at the squadron facility at Duke Field.
  • Eglin squadron begins radar system tests on CV-22

    The radar, designed to increase situational awareness in low visibility conditions, will replace the Osprey’s aging multimode radar. The upgrade’s new capabilities and features include a color weather radar and allowance for increased turn rates.
  • New flag-level exercise coming to Eglin

    First-ever event will incorporate ground, space, and air platforms and provide operational and experimental exercise scenarios.
  • Eglin test squadron makes transport module 'air worthy'

    Testers certify the Negatively Pressurized Conex Lite for operational use on AF C-130 fleet.

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