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  • A look back...Lockheed C-141 STARLIFTER

    A historical look at the development of the C-141 Starlifter.
  • The Summer Before 9/11

    This September marks 20 years since our nation came under attack. Most people can vividly remember where they were on 9/11 and repeat that event in full detail; however, when you ask them what the nation, or the Air Force, looked like in the summer before 9/11, they struggle to find a memory.
  • A Look Back at…Northrop Flying Wings - Part 1

    This is the first in a series of articles that will take a historical look back to the early days of aviation and traces the birth of John Northrop’s dreams for an all-wing design for aircraft.
  • A Look Back...Fairfield Air Depot

    The Fairfield Air Depot provided expertise to the establishment, layout, and manning of new depots and sub-depots around the nation. Until the day it closed in January 1946, the depot provided the backbone of the logistics function that Air Force Materiel Command manages to this day.
  • History in Two: Manned Nuclear Aircraft Program

    A nuclear powered aircraft: today it sounds like a crazy concept, but was it really?
  • Propulsion Test Branch at Arnold AFB helping power the Air Force since 1950s

    The Engine Test Facility (ETF), which is part of the AEDC Propulsion Test Branch at Arnold Air Force Base, was the first facility on base, with its construction completed in 1953.Equipment making up the ETF test cells, such as the motors and compressors, were confiscated from a Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) plant in Munich, Germany, following World
  • Revel in a 'walk through history' at new AFMC uniform exhibit

    A new, interactive uniform exhibit at the Air Force Materiel Command Headquarters traces the history and evolution of Air Force clothing and the command’s role in the uniform process.
  • Flashback: Air Force Logistics Command’s early support to Southeast Asia

    A historical look at the Air Force Logistics Command's early support to Southeast Asia.
  • A Look Back…Recoverable Rocket Boosters--A Future That Never Was

    The idea of making flight into space as routine as atmospheric flight has been around since the 1930’s when Eugen Sänger first published detailed information about his ideas for a suborbital, winged vehicle, capable of delivering a payload halfway around the world using a skip-glide technique that he referred to as “dynamic soaring.” Though
  • A look back...Operation TOMODACHI

    A historical photo essay on the Air Force Materiel Command work during Operation TOMODACHI in 2011.

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