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  • History in Two: Early Beginnings to Privatized Housing

    Prior to the Military Housing Privatization Initiative that took place in Fiscal Year 1996, several privatization efforts were undertaken by the DoD – Wherry and Capehart acts in the late 1940s through to the 1950s – to provide family housing for our military members. Following World War II, military service members faced severe family housing
  • History in Two: Dyna-Soar

    The Dyna-Soar program (System 464L), initiated on  October 10, 1957, took three separate, but related studies on manned, hypersonic weapons and reconnaissance systems (Hywards (SR-131), Bomi/Brass Bell (SR-12) and Robo (SR-126)) and merged them into a single, three-phased program. The research conducted, knowledge gained and the technological
  • 50 years after the Eagle landed: The man who kept Apollo on track

    This edition of the Air Force Materiel Command History Office 'Flashbacks' series highlights the expertise of one Air Force officer and how his managerial skills impacted the success of the Apollo mission and NASA work following the monumental launch.
  • Hostile Airspace: Serbian IADS during Allied Force

    This edition of the AFMC History in Two series talks about Serbian IADS during Operation ALLIED FORCE, focused on the 78-day air operation known as Operation NOBLE ANVIL.

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