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  • CDX Training Symposium ignites innovation

    More than 165 Airmen, Guardians and civilians committed to meeting the innovative needs of the Air Force gathered here May 16-19, for the Air Force Materiel Command Commander's Accelerated Initiatives (CDX) training symposium.

  • AFWERX Refinery program accelerates Airman and Guardian initiatives

    The AFWERX Refinery program, an initiative of the AFWERX Spark division, is rapidly advancing Airman and Guardian projects that directly aid warfighters by hosting a four-to-six-week Accelerator program that targets grassroots innovation efforts within the Department of the Air Force, or DAF.

  • Designing the future, step-by-step

    The Continuous Improvement and Innovation team, also known as CI2 held their training symposium at the Wright Brothers Institute in downtown, Dayton, Ohio, April 23-26. Their theme, “Creating the Next Generation of CI2 Leaders: Let’s Design the Future” was key to what they hoped to accomplish.

  • Continuous Process Improvement: chats, programs provide accelerated readiness

    Air Force Materiel Command Airmen seeking new ways to innovate and accelerate change have multiple resources to support their efforts, thanks to programs led by the Commander’s Accelerated Initiatives team. Among these resources are two programs that offer training and mentorship on the ‘how’ aspect