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  • New, improved C-5 promises Air Force more faithful years of service

    At a roll-out ceremony May 16 at Lockheed Martin’s plant in Marietta, Ga., the Air Force accepted delivery of the first C-5M of 111 which will undergo modernization at the facility, extending the fleet’s life by more than 25 years. The Aeronautical Systems Center’s C-5 Systems Group oversees the C-5’s modernization process and supports the Air
  • Program educates military spouses, builds confidence

    Signing up to join the military can be an intimidating ordeal for military members, but they're not the only ones who experience anxiety when signing the dotted line. Before 2002, military spouses were on their own to learn about Air Force services, customs and courtesies, but now coordinators for the Heart Link program hope to remove the anxiety
  • ASC to deploy new acquisition risk tool set

    The Air Force has a new tool in its acquisition arsenal, one which allows decision makers to better evaluate risks involved before starting up or changing weapon system programs. Aeronautical Systems Center helped develop that tool - called the Probability of Program Success model - and has already begun deploying it to acquisition wings, groups
  • ESC activates 'new' wings with historic ceremony

    Today is the first day of the new Electronic Systems Center, Commander Lt. Gen. Chuck Johnson said May 11 during the activation ceremony for ESC's four newly numbered wings. "Today, we mark the beginning of a proud new era in our center's history," he said. "We now have a center with five great wings." In addition to the four numbered acquisition
  • B-1 Radar upgrade key to future of combat capability

    The U.S. Air Force recently awarded a $180-million contract to the Boeing Company to upgrade the fire-control radar on the service's fleet of 67 B-1B long-range bomber aircraft. The nine-year Reliability and Maintainability Improvement Program, or RMIP, will replace two, high-failure rate line-replaceable units that make up the current AN/APQ-164
  • Community service enriches NCO Academy experience

    There are plenty of volunteer activities on base and in the community, but with a new class arriving every seven weeks, the Noncommissioned Officer Academy has to be creative to come up with new ideas and opportunities. Students and staff aren't required to participate in community service projects and they give up considerable amounts of free time
  • Customs and Border Protection provides air support for border patrol

    A heavily loaded, small private plane leaves an obscure airfield in rural Mexico. The pilot, a person not unknown to U.S. law enforcement agencies, has filed a flight plan indicating his entry into California, and no doubt has his illegal cargo securely stowed. What this hypothetical pilot doesn't know is that when he crosses the U.S. border, Jack
  • Back to school for Space Vehicles Directorate engineer

    For Contract Engineer Eric Pollard, designing and developing deployable structures for the cosmos at the Air Force Research Laboratory's Space Vehicles Directorate, Kirtland Air Force Base, N.M., has been his vocation for the past year and a half, but beginning in August 2006, a college campus will serve as his worksite. Selected for a 2006 - 2007
  • Ogden ALC signs partnership agreement with defense contractor

    In its ongoing effort to generate cost-effective support for the warfighter, the Air Logistics Center here signed a partnering agreement with BAE Systems May 11. The agreement - established to make maximum use of the center's industrial and technical foundation, while incorporating BAE Systems' commercial expertise, will not only improve support to
  • Standard Desktop Configuration keeps AFMC ahead of "bad guys"

    In an effort to stay one step ahead of the cyberspace "bad guys," aka computer hackers, the Air Force is implementing a new standard desktop configuration, or SDC, that will establish a uniform and secure desktop environment. For the Air Force "good guys," this means there will be one more layer of added protection for computer users, thus

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