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  • F-22 CTF tests AIM-120D noise, vibration

    The F-22 Combined Test Force here achieved another first when a Raptor flew with an AIM-120D missile in its weapons bay to test the effect of noise and vibration on the missile April 14. What was unique about the flight was that the weapon on board, the latest version of the AIM-120 Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile, or AMRAAM, is still
  • New wellness-tracking system available online

    First, came a memorandum of agreement authorizing civilians to have duty time for physical fitness, which later was amended to include wellness activities. Next was a tobacco control policy, limiting designated smoking areas on Air Force Materiel Command bases to be no closer than 50 feet to any building. Now, welcome the Air Force Civilian Health
  • Web saves civil engineer directorate time and money

    Members of the 88th Air Base Wing Civil Engineer Directorate have developed a way to save money and time by creating a system to submit project design documents for technical and functional review through their Web site. This electronic process allows review agencies to make comments and post them on the Web page, allowing flexibility and enhancing
  • Pods help warfighters improve air combat maneuvers

    Knowledge is power and power is influence: In the case of fighter pilots, it enables them to control - even force their will on - adversaries in the air and on the ground. Here at the Ogden Air Logistics Center, the collection of information leading to superiority in the skies over a battlefield begins with maintaining Air Combat Training System
  • Hill begins modifications on F-22 Raptor

    A new era for members of the 309th Maintenance Group here is under way as they modify an F-22 Raptor for the first time. The aircraft is the first of 12 to 14 scheduled to visit Hill this calendar year for minor modifications. A total of 18 are contracted to undergo work here. "We're excited," said Guy Phillips, F-22 maintenance squadron director
  • Ongoing H3 arc heater developmental testing sets record

    Arnold Engineering Development Center reached a significant milestone recently while conducting a series of independent tests on the H3 arc heater and a multiple model positioning system to expand the facility operating envelope and validate a major arc heater system upgrade. At the end of a series of recent runs of the H3 arc heater under a
  • Team tests pod at 'LITENING' speed

    The 416th Flight Test Squadron here, working together with the 85th Operational Test and Evaluation Squadron, Eglin Air Force Base, Fla., and the 422nd OT&E Squadron, Nellis AFB, Nev., began accelerated testing of a LITENING-AT targeting pod here March 17. The LITENING-AT test will update the existing LITENING pod with several new capabilities for
  • Doolittle Raider looks back on turning point in U.S. history

    It was early 1942, and it hadn’t been long since Japan threw the United States into the vortex of World War II with their attack on Pearl Harbor — or the day when 2nd Lt. Thomas Griffin stood up at the University of Alabama and swore to defend his country against all enemies, foreign and domestic. As an Army Air Corps 17th Bomb Group navigator in
  • 96th Services Squadron wins Hennessy Trophy

    The taste of victory is sweet for team Eglin’s 96th Services Squadron, having recently won the coveted John L. Hennessy Trophy. Named after John L. Hennessy, a food service executive and member of the Hoover Commission, the Hennessy Trophy Awards Program promotes excellence in customer service, meal quality and fellowship of the civilian food
  • National-level athletes drive 377th LRS

    Athletes competing in the national championships of their events or on the U.S. national team in international competition are few and far between—thus affirming their elite status.In an impressive occurrence, the 377th Logistics Readiness Squadron here boasts three of these elite athletes.“I think a lot of that is just happenstance,” said Major

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