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Employee Resource Center helps keep workers mission-focused

  • Published
  • By Holly Logan-Arrington
  • Robins Public Affairs

Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex employees at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, have a new resource to help them with personnel matters, keeping their focus on the mission.

The Employee Resource Center was created in December 2020 and opened its doors in January 2021. The center provides information on retirements, benefits and entitlements, military buybacks, workers compensation matters, the Thrift Savings Plan, and many more areas to help the complex’s workforce.

Gary Felder, a management analyst in the WR-ALC Employee Resource Center, said every employee has unique circumstances, and the ERC is available to help the complex’s workers navigate their way to solutions.

“We give each employee the needed assistance, which gives them a chance to get back to supporting the warfighter,” he said. “Rather than have to research the answers they need on a computer, we provide the assistance, which allows them valuable time on the aircraft.”

Scott Petersen, a management analyst in the WR-ALC’s Management Support Section who also works in the ERC, said while he may not have all the answers for someone, he has the tools to help find them.

“We strive to be responsive, friendly, and at times, if needed, we help hold the hand of an employee whose issue may seem too large,” he said. “Our goal is to try to make problems smaller. And if an individual needs care in other areas outside of our expertise, we will make a warm handoff to people better suited to address those particular needs.”

The management analysts also strive to support resiliency, diversity and inclusion, as well as the Air Force Materiel Command ‘We Need’ initiatives, in addition to the ERC’s primary focus of serving the complex’s workers.

The ERC has helped more than 3,000 WR-ALC employees since its opening.

“We have postured 608 employees for their upcoming retirements,” Felder said. “98 personnel were presented with resources related to other benefits, and 370 were provided other types of information or support regarding military buy backs, medical disability, career progression, or were referred to other helping agencies.”

Felder said the ERC gives the WR-ALC workforce a sense of peace.

“We eliminate the worry of having to be placed on hold with a call, the need to search for an answer and losing valuable time researching,” he said. “We are here to eliminate the stress in the workforce with the services we provide.”

At the end of the day, Petersen said it’s all about truly being there for people.

“We set people up for success when we are able to help an employee move their issue forward,” he said. “Sometimes that means helping them solve their issue. Sometimes that is providing information they did not know about. Sometimes that is a name and number of the correct person to contact.”

While Petersen may not support the warfighter by repairing airplanes, he said he’s pretty good at caring for people – a mission that he said ensures the warfighting mission is met.

“The best way I can be a wingman to the men and women downrange is do my best by the men and women of the WR-ALC,” he said.

The ERC is open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is located in building 207 aside the 78th Occupational Medicine Services at 100 Page Rd.

To make an appointment at the ERC, call 478-926-7126 or 478-327-4792. You may also send an e-mail to