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  • Air Force scientists discover unique stretchable conductor

    WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio – The Air Force Research Laboratory has developed liquid metal systems which autonomously change structure so that they become better conductors in response to strain.Conductive materials change their properties as they are strained or stretched. Typically,

  • 38th CEIG hosts airspace security drone demonstration

     A small drone is flying over a military installation, when suddenly, like a bird of prey, an X-3 Drone Hunter swoops down and shoots a net at the drone, ensnaring it in the webbing and carries it back to the controller on the ground.  Sound like a scene out of the latest spy thriller movie? No. It

  • SAF/CO, AFIMSC Enable Readiness Through Cloud-based Visualization Tool

    The AFMISC Innovation Office and the Air Force Chief Data Office successfully built the highly successful Installation Health Assessments using the Tableau visualization tool hosted on the Air Force’s Visible, Accessible, Understandable, Linked, and Trusted, or VAULT, Data Platform. This effort

  • Alliance improves mission support capabilities

    An alliance between the Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center and the Business and Enterprise Systems Product Innovation office is improving mission support capabilities.

  • AFRL’s Digital Hangar to support lifecycle management of aerospace systems

    WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio – There is a new hangar under construction at Wright-Patterson AFB, but this one will not be made of steel and concrete, but rather digital ones and zeros.The Air Force Research Laboratory’s “Digital Hangar,” a concept created by Dr. Rick Graves, an Aerospace

  • B-1 tool born out of necessity

    Sometimes tasks aren’t chosen, but are instead predestined.Melvin Pruitt, a sheet metal mechanic for the 567th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, said in 2015, he was tasked with repairing the nutplates on the inboard cockpit kick panels for the B-1 bomber. During that process he found that the area was