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AFMC Commander's Accelerated Initiatives (CDX) Office

CDX LogoThe Air Force Materiel Command Commander's Accelerated Initiatives Office (CDX) was established in 2019 under the AFMC We Need effort. Its purpose was to address issues raised by Airmen and uncovered by the AFMC We Need study and to champion change across the enterprise, to include removing barriers impeding mission efficiency or over all quality-of-life.

Since that time, CDX has evolved into an an enduring AFMC organization with three mission focus areas, or cells, focused on facilitating change.

Cell Mission Areas:

  • Airmen-Driven Mission Enhancement Cell (MEC): Accelerates change by breaking down barriers, improving quality of life, and acting as a voice for the Airmen of AFMC
  • Continuous Improvement & Innovation Cell (CI2): Lead for Continuous Process Improvement events and grassroot innovation ideas, plus related training and mentorship opportunities
  • AFMC Innovation Integration Cell: Lead for all AFMC innovation efforts.  Fosters a culture of innovation, provides strategic vision alignment to centers, empowers Airmen innovators, and accelerates MAJCOM solutions


Mission Enhancement Cell

MEC logo


The Mission Enhancement Cell (MEC) is the Airmen's "front door" to the CDX Office. MEC teams listen to Airmen, build networks, encourage collaboration, break down barriers, drive to solutions, synergize efforts across the enterprise, communicate successes across AFMC and serve as a special project resource for the AFMC Commander. 

Some project wins from the MEC include:

The MEC maintains a list of unit points-of-contact and portfolio owners across the AFMC enterprise and can link individuals with a local resource for projects. 

To contact the MEC team, visit the CDX SharePoint site at (CAC-enabled).

CI2 Cell

CI2 graphic


The Continuous Improvement and Innovation (CI2) Cell works to institutionalize tools, techniques, and capabilities into the culture and DNA of all AFMC Airmen. By sparking continuous improvement and innovation, CI2 ensures that AFMC is able to achieve focused results with timely solutions to accelerate change.  

The CI2 Cell facilitates continuous improvement events, conducts training and mentorship sessions for growing practitioners, removes obstacles for Airmen innovators, certifies Green Belts/Black Belts, hosts process improvement summits and cross-talks with Process Managers, and advises AFMC's Inspector General to ensure compliance.  

Somce CI2 Programs include:

  • Lean Six Sigma/Air Force Green and Black Belt Training and Certification courses
  • Spark Tank Competitions
  • Continuous training opportunities

To learn more about the CI2 Cell and program opportunities, visit (CAC-enabled).

Innovation Integration Cell

I2 graphic


The Innovation Integration Cell provides direct support and strategic vision alignment to AFMC Center  innovation leads by developing and tracking metrics and guiding Airmen and Guardians in the use of innovation tools and techniques. The cell seeks to foster a culture of innovation across the command by working directly with innovators to link them with resources. The team is a conduit to AFMC leadership to help accelerate the maturation and implementation of enterprise solutions.

The innovation HUB to help create connections, reduce duplicate efforts through collaboration, and promote the enterprise innovation tools such as:

  • VISION -Virtual Innovation Support Integration Operation Network
  • GAIN - Guardian and Airmen Innovation Network
  • TECH CONNECT - Air and Space Force Tech Connect

To connect with the team and learn more, visit their SharePoint site at (CAC-enabled).

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AFMC/CDX teams look forward to connecting with Airmen across the enterprise.

To connect with a member of the AFMC/CDX team, send an email to
Visit our SharePoint site (CAC-enabled) to connect directly with our mission cell teams, resources, guidance, policy, innovation tools and more.