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  • Pod testing set to improve Coalition and joint training

    After a lot of hard work and dedication, the P5 Combat Training System began flight testing last month. The P5 CTS is the next generation of air combat training systems and provides a revolutionary capability of rangeless operation and real-time monitoring. The program includes a number of planned upgrades to add no-drop weapon scoring, a secure
  • Atlas V solid rocket booster modifications validated

    As radios crackled with the countdown “five, four, three, two, one … ignition,” members of the Air Force Research Lab at Edwards witnessed the third validation-static firing of Aerojet’s Block B Solid Rocket Booster. This 90-second static firing occurred Jan. 27 at the lab’s Edwards Research Site, and produced 250,000 pounds of thrust while being
  • AFSO 21: A mindset for achieving process improvements

    In December, a decision was made to rename the Air Force’s continuous process improvement initiatives Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century, or AFSO 21. The details are still being defined regarding AFSO 21. But Air Force Materiel Command – and particularly the three air logistics centers – is ahead of the learning curve. AFSO 21 is the
  • Global Hawk Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-3 comes home

    The first deployed Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle to return home (UAV-3) landed Monday at Edwards AFB, Calif., after logging more than 4,800 flight hours in a four-year period, supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom and the Combined Task Force—Horn of Africa. On hand to give remarks at the press conference hosted by
  • AWARD: Sewing volunteer helps troops, wins award

    The spouse of a lieutenant colonel working at Headquarters Development and Fielding Systems Group here won an award for her volunteer efforts in helping injured troops returning from combat overseas. Ginger Dosedel, founder of the charitable organization "Sew Much Comfort," won the Chief of Staff of the Air Force Volunteer Excellence Award Feb. 15.
  • Family housing employees serves homeless

    Eleven employees of the Civil Engineering Military Family Housing Division came together Feb. 10 for their wingman activity at the House of Bread in Dayton. From 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., the team members prepared sandwiches and salads, served, washed dishes and cleaned up lunch for 150-300 people who are homeless. "I took a poll in the office, and
  • Sergeant finds home in Air Force

    When his mother pushed him out of a car traveling 35 mph, the high school junior dusted himself off and immediately started learning the rules of the streets. He began recycling soda cans for income, eating stale doughnuts, dumpster diving for blankets and sleeping on shredded cardboard boxes. Today, 15 years later, he considers himself the
  • Staff to tech in one STEP

    Staff Sgt. Lee Feldhausen, a defense paralegal in the Hanscom Area Defense Counsel office, got the shock of his Air Force career at the 66th Air Base Wing annual awards banquet Feb. 10 when Electronic Systems Center Commander Lt. Gen. Chuck Johnson surprised him with an instant promotion to technical sergeant. The promotion, awarded under the
  • AFRL tests advanced rescue basket

    Like eggs nestled in a vintage wire egg basket, evacuees huddle against the periphery of the Heli-Basket, an open-air metal container that hangs beneath a helicopter to ferry disaster victims out of harm's way. "With this basket, you put it on the roof, load 15 people up in a matter of minutes and get them out of there," said John Plaga, a research
  • Turn a negative situation into a positive one

    I knew it would happen, but I didn't think it would be so soon. My son was called the "n" word when he was just four. We were stationed in Alaska and lived on base; I was about to go to my part-time teaching job. My son, Mikey, was looking out of the window talking to a few other kids outside when I overheard one of them say to my son, "Shut up you