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  • 653rd CLSS lends expertise to help protect Columbian air force mission

    As the Columbian air force continues to use the C-130B and C-130H aircraft to combat drug smuggling, Airmen from the 653rd Combat Logistics Support Squadron here were recently called in to make the mission bullet proof. Tech. Sgt. Darryl Rios-Maldonado, a 653rd aircraft structural maintenance craftsman, and Tech. Sgt. Ricky Hill, a 653rd crew
  • Dining facility operator serves up Golden Plate

    The owner of Vick’s Vittles, the contract company that operates the Thunderbird Inn Dining Facility here, is well known for the operation that has brought home two Hennessy foodservice awards for the best dining facility in the Air Force. In order to win the Hennessy, a dining facility must first compete and win at the major command level. In the
  • JSF team tests in-the-field aircraft decontamination procedures

    The Joint Strike Fighter Integrated Test Force will pull an F-16 out of a special hangar Saturday, marking the culmination of a series of unique tests here. The F-16 was used as a surrogate for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter to test Department of Defense chemical and biological decontamination methods in realistic field conditions, the first time an
  • Trauma-trained personnel aided news crew survival

    Air Force trauma training supported at Brooks City-Base, along with aeromedical evacuation equipment developed at Brooks City-Base, contributed to the treatment and survival of an ABC news crew that was severely wounded in Iraq Jan. 29. Bob Woodruff, co-anchor of ABC’s World News Tonight, and Emmy Award-winning cameraman Doug Vogt, were in serious
  • Hanscom officer immersed in language program

    Senior government officials recently emphasized the importance of military servicemembers having a working knowledge of a foreign language. Lt. Col. Bob Pagoni is doing his part to become proficient in a foreign language for the Air Force. He recently spent 31 days living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The colonel, an A-10 Thunderbolt pilot now
  • AFMC goal days suspended

    Air Force Materiel Command goal days have been suspended on all AFMC bases until the command is able to ensure that the goal day program is in compliance with Department of Defense and Air Force guidance. This includes the Feb. 17, 2006 goal day. During an Air Force-wide review of civilian personnel policies the Office of Personnel Management and
  • Airmen train to fill security forces void

    With the 72nd Security Forces Squadron tasked to provide up to 65 Airmen for an indefinite six-month security rotation to Camp Bucca, Iraq, concerns over manpower are at an all-time high. To help with the shortage, Tinker Air Force Base has devised a plan to take Airmen from other career fields and train them to fill security forces roles. Lt. Col.
  • Fighting for fitness

    As with any good exercise program, Staff Sgt. Matthew Kline and Lt. Col. Gerald Kolaski spent several minutes recently stretching and warming up before lacing up their gloves and strapping protective padding to their feet. The Tinker Air Force Base duo then began kicking and punching each other about the head and body until they both worked up a
  • ESC awards $79.5 million DEAMS System Integrator task order

    The Electronic Systems Center's Development and Fielding Systems Group here awarded a $79.5 million task order for System Integration support to configure, deploy, and conduct training for the Defense Enterprise Accounting and Management System program to Accenture LLP, Reston, Va. This decision follows a recent ESC award for the DEAMS commercial
  • "Medic warriors" put the star in C-STARS

    There was no luck involved in the professional and expeditious medical treatment provided to critically-injured military personnel as well as that given to ABC news anchor Bob Woodruff and cameraman Doug Vogt. Instead, the care was a result of the training their Critical Care Air Transport Team of doctors and nurses were given at one of three