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  • Edwards’ squadron writes book on CV-22 training

    By combining the capabilities of two distinctly different aircraft, the Air Force, working with the Navy and Marine Corps, is closer to providing warfighters advanced and reliable tools to accomplish their mission. Although the CV-22 Osprey is still undergoing developmental tests, it began moving into operational testing with Air Force Special
  • Electronic Systems Center gets ‘Smart’

    In a sweeping effort to improve its processes, the Air Force recently launched "Smart Operations 21," which combines key aspects of several industry efficiency tools. The most notable among them are Lean and Six Sigma, which have been used extensively to improve customer value while reducing waste, especially in manufacturing processes. As Gen.
  • Successful acquisition transformation tied to risk-based management

    Many acquisition stakeholders say acquisition programs take too long, cost too much, and lack credibility. The consequences, however, are unmistakable: they result in the cannibalization of programs to cover other priorities and they delay modernization. Ultimately what this means is reduced capability to the warfighter. These issues were the
  • Space Vehicles Directorate member earns presidential recognition

    When President Bush arrives in Albuquerque Feb. 2, one of his first official duties in the Duke City will be to present the President's Volunteer Service Award to a Space Vehicles Directorate member. The recipient is Mike Martin, a contract employee with Applied Technology Associates, Albuquerque, working as a cryogenic technician in the
  • AWARD: Engineer honored for innovations

    The editors of U.S. Black Engineer and Information Technology magazine have named 1st Lt. Robert W. Patton Jr. of the Air Force Research Laboratory as one of their "Modern-Day Technology Leaders for 2006" for outstanding leadership in engineering, science and technology. A native of Richmond, Va., Lieutenant Patton is a program manager in the AFRL
  • Budgeting software benefits command and users

    Learning how to load software onto a computer was painful for Paul Grabiel. He is a budget analyst, not a techie. As a result, until mid-January, Mr. Grabiel couldn't do his job without biting his lip in frustration. But there's good news for Mr. Grabiel and his colleagues in financial management at Headquarters Air Force Materiel Command, as well
  • Sensor increases battlefield awareness

    Air Force Research Laboratory engineers are developing a tool that will provide troops superior battlefield awareness with real-time information on battlefield threats. The tool is the Cross Dispersion Prism sensor. According to William Ewing, one of the sensor's principle developers, the CDP sensor is a passive staring electro-optical infrared
  • Air Force Research Laboratory engineer receives award

    An engineer from the Air Force Research Laboratory's Materials and Manufacturing Directorate recently received the Air Force Science & Engineering Award in the category of Manufacturing for 2005. Mr. Doug Carter, who currently works with the directorate's Manufacturing Technology Division, earned this prestigious award for his contributions to
  • Tinker civilian lauded for valor

    A Tinker Air Force Base civilian was lauded for his heroism Jan. 9 during a 72nd Mission Support Group commander's call. Johnnie Pickett, a materials examiner and identifier with the 72nd Services Division's Recycling Department, was presented with the U.S. Air Force Command Civilian Award for Valor after rescuing a 3-year-old girl from a burning
  • Fact-finding mission brings assistant SECAF to Tinker

    The recently appointed Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations, Environment and Logistics visited Tinker Air Force Base Jan. 18-20 to gather some all-important facts before his first briefing to Congress next month. "I've only been on the job about 70 days and I made a commitment at my Senate confirmation hearing to do some extensive