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AFMC civilian Airmen excel in CDE Academic Year 2020 application cycle

  • Published
  • By Marisa Alia-Novobilski
  • Air Force Materiel Command Public Affairs

More than 735 Air Force Materiel Command Civilian Airmen were selected for Academic Year 2020 Civilian Developmental Education opportunities, filling nearly 49% of the Air Force program allocations for the academic year.

“We are extremely pleased at the results. The competition for these positions was intense, and the significant increase in AFMC applications this year played a role in our success,” said Patricia Young, AFMC Executive Director. “The large number of AFMC civilian Airmen selected this year demonstrates the high-caliber of our workforce and their potential for leading our command and the Air Force into the future.”

AFMC experienced a 58% increase in the number of applications for CDE in 2019, with 1,663 applications received across all programs. Applicants represented every major career field nested within the command.

The CDE program is a portfolio of courses and training designed to address the developmental needs of the civilian workforce at all levels. Civilians can acquire associate through advanced college degrees at military and academic institutions, attend military professional education programs such as the Air War College or Squadron Officer School, embark on a fellowship with a think tank or industry, participate in a scientist or engineer exchange program, or grow professionally through a number of other program opportunities.

The overarching goal is to ensure civilians have the opportunity to excel in their current positions and to gain the skills required to succeed as future leaders in the organization.

Thirteen Senior Executive Staff members and two general officers reviewed 280 Air Force applications for 134 spots in Intermediate Developmental Education and Senior Developmental Education boarded programs. They also reviewed applications for the Civilian Strategic Leader Program, which provides three-year experiential assignments for employees outside of their primary functional areas.

Air Force career development teams reviewed applications for non-boarded programs, which include: Civilian Associate Degree Program; Developing Team Leader Course; Education With Industry; Defense Civilian Emerging Leader Program; Squadron Officer School; Air Command and Staff College - Online Master's Program; Leading With Impact; Civilian Leadership Course; and Leading Effectively Through Change.

The following is a breakdown of AFMC results for 2020:

  • Non-Boarded Programs:  647 AFMC individuals selected

Boarded Programs:

  • Intermediate Developmental Education:  19 AFMC individuals selected
  • Senior Developmental Education:  57 AFMC individuals selected
  • Civilian Strategic Leader Program:  9 AFMC individuals selected
  • Engineer and Scientist Exchange Program: 3 AFMC individuals selected

Individuals were notified of selection and acceptance requirements on Oct. 25.

“We are proud of all of our selectees across AFMC,” said Young. “We also encourage those interested in future CDE opportunities to begin prepping their resumes now for the upcoming CDE 2021 application cycle opening in January. The program has something for everyone, and the professional development and personal growth will help you to succeed now and as you grow with the Air Force into the future.”

The headquarters AFMC program selects are as follows:

Primary SDE Selects

  • Kevin Keck (A5/8/9), Enterprise Leadership Seminar (ELS)
  • William Stewart, Jr. (A3/6), Enterprise Perspective Seminar (EPS)
  • Wendy Varhegyi (PA), National and International Security Leadership Seminar (NISLS)
  • Daniel Adducchio (A4/10), RAND Fellowship Program
  • William Stewart, Jr. (A3/6), Whitehouse Leadership Development Program (WHLDP)

Alternate SDE Selects

  • James Reitzel (FM), Enterprise Leadership Seminar (ELS)
  • Philip Ruter (FM), Enterprise Leadership Seminar (ELS)

Primary IDE Selects

  • Marisa Alia-Novobilski (PA), DoD Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP)

Alternate IDE Selects

  • Thomas Ferrill (A5/8/9), DoD Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP)

Civilian Strategic Leader Program (CSLP) Selects

  • Lidia Toscano (EN), Installation

Non-Boarded Selects

  • Linda Baumert (A4/10), Air Command and Staff College Online Master’s Program (ACSC-OLMP)
  • Tracey Bishop (A5/8/9), Air Command and Staff College Online Master’s Program (ACSC-OLMP)
  • Everick Bowen (A1), Air Command and Staff College Online Master’s Program (ACSC- OLMP)
  • Cory Bratton (A5/8/9), Air Command and Staff College Online Master’s Program (ACSC-OLMP
  • Gregory Darnell (A2), Air Command and Staff College Online Master’s Program (ACSC-OLMP)
  • Ryan Moorman (A4/10), Air Command and Staff College Online Master’s Program (ACSC-OLMP)
  • Jonathan Myrick (A5/8/9), Air Command and Staff College Online Master’s Program (ACSC-OLMP)
  • Peter Blake (A4/10), Civilian Leadership Course (CLC)
  • Glenn Davis (A4/10), Civilian Leadership Course (CLC)
  • Charles Figer, Jr. (JA), Civilian Leadership Course (CLC)
  • Thomas Ferrill (A5/8/9), Developing Team Leader Course (DTLC)
  • Stanley Gohl (HO), Developing Team Leader Course (DTLC)
  • Margaret Heard-McCurdy (FM), Developing Team Leader Course (DTLC)
  • Donald Lyles (PK), Developing Team Leader Course (DTLC)
  • William Russell (A4/10), Developing Team Leader Course (DTLC)
  • Shnecia Walker (A1), Developing Team Leader Course (DTLC)
  • Gary Bain (A4/10), Leading Effectively Through Change (LETC)
  • Adrian Brown (A4/10), Leading Effectively Through Change (LETC)
  • Kim Brown (A4/10), Leading Effectively Through Change (LETC)
  • Steven Cox (FM), Leading Effectively Through Change (LETC)
  • Marla Dirlam (FM), Leading Effectively Through Change (LETC)
  • Jeanne Fox (A5/8/9), Leading Effectively Through Change (LETC)
  • Teresa Frank (FM), Leading Effectively Through Change (LETC)
  • Ted Gatlin (A5/8/9), Leading Effectively Through Change (LETC)
  • Deanna Golemimlay (FM), Leading Effectively Through Change (LETC)
  • Stephanie Hilgeford (FM), Leading Effectively Through Change (LETC)
  • Jeffery Holley (A1), Leading Effectively Through Change (LETC)
  • Terri Huber (A4/10), Leading Effectively Through Change (LETC)
  • Heather Moore (A4/10), Leading Effectively Through Change (LETC)
  • Teresa Moyer (EN), Leading Effectively Through Change (LETC)
  • Claude Vance, III (EN), Leading Effectively Through Change (LETC)
  • Marilyn Jankowski (FM), Leading With Impact (LWI)
  • Jody Lindley (PK), Leading With Impact (LWI)
  • Elizabeth Thorowgood (CCX), Leading With Impact (LWI)
  • Meetal Patel (JA), Squadron Officer School (SOS)

Non-Boarded Alternates

  • Jordan Peart (A1), Air Command and Staff College Online Master’s Program (ACSC- OLMP)
  • Alice Williams (A1), Air Command and Staff College Online Master’s Program (ACSC- OLMP)
  • Erika Evoniuk (A4/10), Civilian Leadership Course (CLC)
  • James Bell, Jr. (FM), Leading Effectively Through Change (LETC)
  • James Reitzel (FM), Leading Effectively Through Change (LETC)
  • Sonja Marsh (A1), Leading With Impact (LWI)
  • Zachary McDonald (A1), Squadron Officer School (SOS)